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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

A nice day...

This morning was the kids' first parents as teachers meeting. They each got their own (age appropriate) activities. The parent educator is Tammie, and she is amazing. She was the lady who led our teen pregnancy/mom group in high school.

She did Grace's activity first. She brought three hula hoops, and she had these big cards with numbers and dots on them. Ex. a card would have a 1 and one dot, 2 and two dots, etc. She asked Grace to tell her what number was on the card. Grace got all the numbers right (which I knew she would because she an recognize 1 - 12). Then she put a card in each hoop, and asked her to jump that many times. For the 1, she would jump one time. For the rest, she didn't really understand. She just kept jumping. In my head, I was worried because these are supposed to be age appropriate. Well, after the activity, she told me that she had brought an advanced activity for Grace because she scored advanced on her ASQ (which is a questionnaire thing I filled out). She said most kids Grace's age can't even tell her the numbers or understand that they need to jump a certain amount of times in one hoop (which Grace did for the 1). So, Grace did really well!

For Brentley, she had two activities. The first one was "clothes pins in a bottle." And, well, it's just what it sounds. She had an empty bottle (it was one of those little bottles you get Mayfield chocolate milk in), and some big clothespins. She took one clothes pin and dropped it in, then handed the bottle to Brentley, and he automatically put the clothespins in with no issue at all. He was holding his hand out for another one after he put them all in, so she showed him that he could dump them out, and after that, he kept putting them in, and dumping them out over and over.
Then, she had another activity with a ping pong ball and a toilet paper roll. She showed Brentley to put the ball in the roll and it would fall through. Brentley then did that over and over lol.

There was some paperwork I had to fill out, so she read them a book about firemen. Grace loves fire trucks, so she was loving that book. Tammie gave it to us as a late present for Brentley's birthday. When Chris got home from work, Grace got it and "read" it to him. She started with, "There was a firetruck." and for every page after that she said, "And a firetruck." and on the last page, she said, "And the firetruck to the rescue! The end." It was too cute!

Before Chris got home, Brittany and Sami came over. Grace was not in a great mood for some reason :/ And I think Brittany and I talked the kids' ears off. We both talk wayyyy too much lol.

When Chris got home, my dad wanted us to go eat with him. He likes to go out with us every week or so to see the kids. Brentley got restless toward the end of our meal, so Chris took him to the car. When we finished, Grace and I went out, and Chris didn't know we had come up to the car. He had the windows down and the music playing a country song. Brentley was laid on his chest falling asleep, and Chris was SINGING to him. Chris NEVER sings. He thinks he has a terrible voice. Now, he's no Luke Bryan, but he's not terrible either. Still, he never sings out loud. It was so precious to see him singing to his little boy! And Brentley certainly seemed to be enjoying it :)

Tomorrow, we have another busy busy day. Chris is off tomorrow, so first, I'm going to school. I have a math test tomorrow... ick. Then, I'm taking the kids to one of my friend's houses to play with her little boy. Later, we are going shopping with my mom because she asked me to get a head start on Christmas shopping with her. Chris better enjoy tomorrow. All he has to do is watch the kids while I'm at school, and then he's got the house to himself for the rest of the day. That's rare for us lol.

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  1. So glad the meeting with Tammie went well. HEaring about the baby activities makes me sad for when Sam was little. lol Can't wait to go to the group meetings together now!

    We do talk a lot! We are like back and forth constantly. That is probably why they are in a bad mood toward the end! Because they are tired of hearing us! I could not believe Sam pushed Brentley. I am still so sorry! Her and I talked about it more when we got home. She says she owes him an apology. lol

    Don't forget tomorrow you are also babysitting the sweetest 4 year old in the world. lol (By the way, Jessie got home at 5:30ish today. WHen he called before I left, he was leaving work.)