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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

My school never fails...

to FAIL!

I only have classes in one building. I rarely go anywhere else on campus except the library occaisionally. Yesterday, I had to go to the student center to take some money off my account, and my card wouldn't work. So then I had to go to the business office, and here I see a sign that says early registration opens the 24th. Immediately went and emailed my advisor telling her I needed to be cleared for registration asap.

I need three more classes to get into the Education program, and it just so happens that those are some of the hardest classes to get into. The two ISCI classes I need, there is only one of each available, which means 28 seats for about 500 students trying to get into the program. And the EDUC class I need, there's only two available, so 56 seats available. I knew I was going to have to register the first day if I was going to get those classes.

Well, I kept checking, and she didn't email me back, so I emailed again, and still nothing. I checked my student account under my advisor tab and found her phone number. So, as soon as they opened this morning, I called her, and got no answer, so I left a message. Then I called the school, and they transferred me to the Education Department... again, no answer, so I leave a message there.

Then I called my dad. He always finds some way to get me to who I need to get to. He got me on three way with my school. Two transfers later, I find out that not only is she no longer my advisor, she no longer works there! They still had her listed as my advisor on my account!! I was emailing and calling no one! Thank you school for not only not informing that she left, but also for not even giving me a new advisor! They had to assign me to a new advisor while I was on the phone!
Then, they transferred us to him.
Luckily he was really nice. He took my student I.D., pulled up my info, and cleared me to register for spring.
Just in time too because one of the classes I needed only had 6 spots left!! And registration hadn't even been open for two hours!!

In the end, I got my classes, but no thanks to my school. Not only did they not switch me to an actual advisor, but they didn't do a good job of letting the campus know that registration was opening.

Anyway, I've got my schedule for next semester.
On Monday and Wednesday, I'll be going from 8am to 9:50am.
Then on Tuesday and Thursday, I'll be going from 10:50 to 2:55 with an hour break in between the two classes. I don't really like having breaks, but it's the only way it worked. At least it's only an hour. At one point, I had a two hour break, and I hated that.

I'm just happy I got all three of the classes I needed! I just need to finish this semester and spring, and I'll be starting the education program in August of 2013!! Also, since I got these three classes in the spring, I don't have to take anything next summer. That'll be my last summer break. Once I start the program, we don't get summers off :/

I'll try to post more over the next week. We've got a lot coming up like my school's family fall festival, a trip to the zoo, some other fall festivals in the area, and of course Halloween! Then Grace's party will be on the 3rd. So we've got lots and lots I'll be posting about :)

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  1. Well, we already discussed your school, but *hugs*

    I can't wait for the "Boo at the Zoo"!!! And Grace's party. Sam is excited. We will probably get Candy Land and then Sam wants to pick something out for her. :)