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Saturday, October 13, 2012

I couldn't resist!

I'm not sure that I've ever posted pictures of my dad on here...

This is him (with Brentley last December)...

I also need to mention that he loves golf. That is important because I found this today at Toys R Us...
The part in the (white) hair... the (white) mustache...the button-down shirt... the golf bag... on the box he's labeled as "Grandpa," which is what the kids call my dad. The second I saw it, I was like, "That is dad!" So, I bought it to give to him as a silly gift for Christmas :p

We've been picking up things here and there. We got a tart warmer for my mom and dad (one for each), a TN Vols bracelet for Chris' mom... We're still planning on getting something else small for my mom and Chris' mom, plus tarts for the tart warmers for all of them (Chris' mom already has one).

We still have to get the rest of my sister's present. I'm planning on getting her the new Disney fairy movie when it comes out, and I'm going to get her some popcorn, candy, and drinks, and put it all together to make her a movie gift basket. 
-We already have some Scooby Doo wash cloths and playing cards that she will get as a smaller present.

We've already got a Peter Pan movie and book for my brother, so he's set. 
We haven't gotten anything for Chris' brother yet. We'll probably get him a Gamestop giftcard.

I got Chris' presents! I got him a Ford sign to hang in the garage where he stores his project car (which is a Ford). It's a big Ford blue arrow that says "Genuine Ford parts." And, I also got him a 1:24 scale model car that is the exact make and model of his project car. It didn't say the size of the  model car (I ordered it on Amazon), but from doing the math, I'm thinking it's about 7 inches. Oh, and as a joke, I got his car a small present... a deck of playing cards labeled "Maverick" because his project car is a Ford Maverick. I got the car a present because he says it's his "third child" lol. So,I'm completely done shopping for him :)

And then, we still need a good bit for the kids. 
For Brentley, we still need to get a Radio Flyer tricycle, an umbrella, some Tonka Trucks (the ones made for toddlers), a toy guitar of some sort, a bath set (with shampoo, soap, etc.), and The Hungry Caterpillar book. Oh, and stocking stuffers.
-We already have six books, a bubble machine, and a movie.

For Grace, we still need to get a doll diaper bag, a doll umbrella stroller, an umbrella, some art supplies, a bath set (shampoo, soap, etc.), and stocking stuffers.
-We already have an ABC game, a guitar, an ice cream set, a movie, a Dora puzzle, a bicycle, and a few stocking stuffers.

Oh, and we already have their kitchen, which is their big gift.

These are just the things we know we want to get for them. We may end up getting a few other things, but they will be small since they are getting the kitchen, Grace is getting a bike, and Brentley's getting a tricycle.

So, overall, we are doing pretty well. I can't wait to officially go Christmas shopping!

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