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Sunday, October 21, 2012


Sorry for my absense. We've just had a lot going on in these last few days. Just busy stuff mostly. Nothing worth posting about.

Last night was an interesting night, but all I have to say about it is... the army guy and the guy with the Ninja Turtles baby ;)

Other than that, our life is Chris works, Grace goes to gym, I go to school, I work on Fridays... this is on repeat and consumes a lot of our time. We usually see my mom at least once a week, and Brittany and Sami at least once a week lol. And Chris mom at least every two weeks (she works a lot).

I did get to take advantage of a coupon that Toys-R-Us had. 20% off of a purchase of $100 or more. Well, I figured I was going to buy the stuff anyway, so why not use the coupon while it was good.
We got a tricycle, some Tonka trucks that came with a book, some Lil' Zoomers for Brentley, and a baby doll bottle, a baby doll stroller, a baby doll diaper bag, and a Dora playset that came with a horse... all for $88, which is a great deal considering the tricycle alone cost $50! After that little shopping spree, we are almost done shopping for the kid's Christmas. I'm saving the rest for when it's actually the Christmas season lol.

I've also been selling some of their old toys and clothes. So far, I've made about $80, and I still have a good bit more to sell!

Um, what else... I've been reading the first Harry Potter book. I've only got like 40 pages left. I really like it, but I'm still getting used to the third person POV. I always just assumed it was first person from Harry's POV.

Oh, and Chris and I got to go out by ourselves last week for the first time in forever. We went to a haunted house, played a couple rounds of "goony golf," and then went to eat. It was nice!

Now for some random pictures just because :)

From our date (he refuses to smile in pictures).

They set up the golf course to be "haunted." I thought this was cute lol.

And this is when we were at the restaurant. 

Grace sleeping with Blue :)

Brentley and his little buddy playing on the playground.

I really love this one!

And lastly, Grace can work my iPod Touch now. She dressed Santa! She was playing on a paint type app I had downloaded and there was an advertisement for this app. She just had to have it, and she loves it lol. She's going to be like her mama and love Christmas :)


  1. Oh my. That was interesting, wasn't it. Hopefully you won't meet army guy or Ninja Turtle Baby Daddy again. Ba Ha Ha. I do not think they will be coming back over.

    Your life sounds like ours. Jessie works, Sam Dances. I have been doing a lot with the Women's Center-instead of school. lol. And then we see you guys and out family every week. I enjoy it though. That is why I love holiday celebrations. It mixes things up.

    I don't blame you for buying now, since you have found such awesome deals! I have actually been able to control myself so far. My only problem is though, I have been trying to find what I want to buy Sam with the rest of her money, but I don't know where to look for the kind of stuff I want to buy her. I want to get her educational stuff for a decent price. But I can't think of a specialty store with decent prices. lol

    You gonna keep reading the rest of Harry Potter? Right now, I am stuck without a book. I was going to read another Rob Bell, but I started it, and decided I didn't want to read it right now...So I am waiting on a book to come in from the library called, "unplanned." It is about a lady who worked at Planned Parenthood and now she is opposed to what she once thought she was doing right. It goes into how they broke the laws there and everything...ANyway...

    I forgot to ask you how your date went. Chris told me that you guys got to go the other day. Looks like fun. So the haunted house was outdoors?

    Very neat pic. I can't believe Grace is getting to that age! Did she like the Leap Pad the other day?

  2. Lol Chris still says he liked "that Bobby guy." Lol. He was texting Jessie yesterday talking about it all :p

    I can't wait for the holidays!! I love going to all the places and seeing family we don't get to see a lot.

    I was going to suggest a store like School Box, but I think they're pretty expensive. Maybe Target's specialty toys? I love their toys and they aren't ungodly expensive.

    Yeah, I already have the second book. I finished the first one last night, so it's on to the second one lol. That Unplanned sounds like a neat book :)

    Well, it was sort of outdoors. It's the one at Sir Goony's. They set up big tents outside, and you go through that. Then you get a free round of Goony golf with the haunted house admittance. That ghost was on the golf course lol.

    She seemed to. I think she will really like it once she gets to play around with it more because she loves my iPod lol.

  3. Ha Ha. I knew they were talking yesterday, just didn;t know what about. I just went through his texts to see what all they said, and it made me laugh so hard. They both talk so ghetto. They are both like "Yah, man." "Definitely, man." "For sure, man." "I totally get it." :p

    Yah. Me too. Actually, I have mixed emotions about the holidays sometimes, but I do enjoy the good parts. lol

    We definitely have to go shopping at some point, even if we have spent all our money. We will just shop and not buy anything. Ha Ha.

    Yah. The School Box is crazy expensive. I may check Target out or even Toys R Us. I am sure they have an educational isle. I know I am going to have to order the Magic School Bus activity set offline, but I want to get her a Spanish toy and I am sure I can find that in stores. Not sure what else.

    Do you get books from the library or what? I Love ordering several books from the library in a row so they will come in one at a time, and as soon as I finish my first one, there is one waiting for me there. Yah. I think it will be. Karen, the lady I work with at the Women's Center, suggested it to me.

    Was it scary? Oh yah. I forgot you had told me about that package. That is pretty awesome.

    She probably will. And as terrible as it sounds, the Leap Pad is a good distractor when you are places they don't want to be. However, it does take out some of the guilt I have when I feel like we are "wasting precious time" on errands, because she is still being productive and learning.

  4. Lol I noticed that too. Chris asked me to type one of the messages because he was driving, and I was like, "Do you guys talk like this in person?" :p

    Oh yes, we definitely have to shop! I still have things I need to get, just not much for Grace and Brentley. More for the extended family now.

    I don't have a library card :( I need to get one! I'm getting Grace one for Christmas, and I'm going to get one for myself too. I had one, but I never got a new one when they switched to the Pines system. The bookworm in me is dying for a library card lol.

    Ehh, it wasn't really that scary. I jump at the littlest thing, even at home, so if something popped out at me, I would jump, but that was it. I've been to that one so many times that I know what to expect lol.

  5. Ha Ha. They did that night! It's so hilarious. He is the only person that he does that with.

    Oh, but the Pines System is awesome! I can reserve books all over the state! LOVE IT! Where do you usually get your books?

    That sucks. At least you got all the extras too! There are a ton in the area. Jessie went to one every weekend with Josh this month. JEssie really liked one he went to out in Cleveland.

  6. I usually get them from McKays or I just borrow them from friends/family.

    I've been to a bunch of different ones in the area... the haunted hill top in Harrison, the Forest of Fear at Bowling Springs Farm, Massacre on Megan, which was downtown, and several others. I really want to go to Neverworld in Atlanta. It's supposed to be one of the top 10 haunted houses in the country! I will go there one day lol.