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Sunday, October 28, 2012


We tried our hardest to get them to go ahead and give us the Trailblazer if we paid a down payment. Well, as you all may remember, they refused. And now, they just came back to us with the SAME EXACT plan except they acted like they came up with it! Grrr... Well, whatever. Of course we agreed because it was MY PLAN. So, Chris goes over there yesterday to clean it out, and the battery was completely dead. They hadn't even been starting it occaisionally. Just letting it sit there, so the battery completely drained. So Chris jumped it off, and when he did, the inside lights, the cd player, the power locks and windows, and the lights on the instrument cluster quit working! Chris tried to fix it, and he can't figure out what caused it. He says we need to rake it to a Chevy dealer.

So, Chris told his mom what happened, and all she said was, either we pay to get it fixed, or she's selling it to someone else!!! It's not even in our names, and it was their fault that this happened!!! I agreed to pay for a car with NO issues. I didn't agree to pay that for a car that presents issues before it's even in our name.

But no, she's holding it over our heads. She knows we need this vehicle, so it's either we deal with it, or she's not going to sell it to us. Gahhh, it's things like this that remind me of why I can't stand her.

If they would have just agreed to the plan back in August, we wouldn't have this problem. If they would have taken care of the car while it was still in their possession, we wouldn't have these problems. And now, she's refusing any responsibility >:[

I have no idea what to do. The Trailblazer is still a better vehicle than my Cavalier... even with the newfound issues. But, we barely have the money to buy the Trailblazer, and we have no money to fix the issues... especially at whatever outrageous price the Chevy dealer is sure to charge. Any advice is welcome because I'm completely torn.


  1. I know we discussed this already, but I would just start buy calling to see how much it would be to get fixed/looked at to see what is wrong...If you guys won't have anything left to get it fixed, there is no point in buying it. If she is doing this now, I would just be afraid what she would do before it is in your name...hold it over you guys or whatever. I know we talked about another car could have problems, but you may be able to find a car instead of an SUV that is like half the price of that. We paid $3,500 for the Aveo and $2,900 for the Mustang.

  2. It sounds like it might just need a new battery. When my battery died even when we jumped it and it was running the radio and lights wouldn't work. We replaced the battery and it fixed the issue.

    Some places will test the battery for you for free.

  3. First of all, that woman is being unfair.
    I've been reading your blog for a while now and one of my biggest issues with you is how much you spend on christmas and birthday presents for your kids. They do not need all these presents, especially at this age. And all that money you spend on these special occasions could go towards more important stuff, like a family car.

    You seem like a great mother to your kids and it's evident that you love them. Buying them all these presents won't make them love you more. I don't know if it's because you are a teen mom that you feel like you have to compensate with gifts, but it's really not necessary.

    Not to mention, as the kids get older, the presents will get much more expensive and by that time, they will be used to getting tons of gifts so they'll be expecting a lot from you.

    I know that you save a lot of money by buying a lot of their stuff second hand, and that's great.

    All of that to say that when you need to buy something as vital as a vehicle for your family, all of these presents should take a back seat.

    Hopefully it'll all work out though.

  4. She sounds crazy! haha. If I were yall I would look into to see how much it would be to fix it, and it may actually be cheaper to just find another used car!

  5. I agree with Megan. It may be just tht. We ha that happen before. But you said Chris is good with cars so he may have already thought of this.... Hmmmm. It can't hurt to check it at a Auto Zone. Tey checked batteries for free.