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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Just can't catch a break...

My alternator went out a little over a month ago. Chris was friends with the guy that worked at a local auto parts store. The guy helped him get the alternator with an employee discount, and Chris installed it.

Well, today, my battery light came on again... yeah, my alternator is already messing up. And since the guy helped Chris get it, we never got a receipt :( So, now we have to buy another one. Grrr!

Anyway... I got around to taking pictures of Brentley's birthday presents :)

These are his super hero Little People, bath toys, and Weebles he got.

This is his baseball glove, and his school scrapbook.

These are all the new clothes he got.

He also got a bag full of used clothes, but I didn't feel like dragging those out. Oh, and he got a Magna Doodle, but it's in the car.

We got his birthday pictures done today, and he did SO good! He is a ham for the camera! Lol. I'll be posting them soon :)


  1. The same thing happened to my car. Do you have a place where they will check your battery?? When your alternator went out it could have drained your battery.

    Good luck though, either way!

    Brentley looks like he got a ton of stuff!! Yay! Now you get to do it all over again for Grace in a few months. Lol.

  2. I'll tell Chris to get someone to check it. We just got a new battery when the last alternator went out, and I do have the receipt for that, so we could get it replaced if we needed to.

    Lol I know right? I wish their birthday were a little further apart, but I'm excited for her birthday too!

  3. I'm sorry, girl. I really hope ya'll get that car at the beginning of the year!