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Sunday, August 19, 2012

A week from today...

my baby will be turning one! I know I say it all the time, but I cannot believe that he was born a year ago! He is growing up so fast!

So, what's new with Brentley...

He can run that little baby run now. It's too cute!

He's still in 18 month clothes, but 12 month clothes don't fit him at all. I'm not sure what he weighs now, but I don't think he's gained much, and he's gotten taller, so he's slimmed down some. He's in a size 5 diaper. And he's in a size 5 shoe. He's going to be a big foot like his daddy :p

He can say mama, dada, ball, yay, and mine lol. And when he's eating, he makes "mmmm" sounds :p

He is becoming more independent. At home, I don't have to hold him constantly. He will play by himself or with Grace for awhile. And when we go somewhere like the playground or other place where he can get down and play, he actually leaves my side now. He's still very cautious and exploratory, meaning he doesn't just jump right in and play. He has to check everything out first lol. Unless it involves balls. If it involves balls, he is right in there. He's going to be a sports player of some sort. Kid has an arm! He loves to throw stuff, and he can throw it pretty far!

He is super smart. I'm not just saying that to be bragging. I watch some of the things he does, and it just amazes me at how smart he is. Like the other day, he was playing with Chris' xbox controller, so I took that battery pack out so he wouldn't turn it on. He watched where I put the battery pack, went and got it, lined it up the right way, snapped it in, turned the controller over, and turned it on! I just sat there watching him do all this in amazement. The connections he makes are so amazing. I would bet money that it's because of his observant nature. He takes in everything around him.

He still wants me most of the time. Especially when I'm cooking dinner. That is a fight every night lol. He gets right under my feet and cries. He likes Chris, and he will play with Chris for a while, but he still prefers me. The only other person he allows to touch him is my mom. He won't even let anyone else hold him. He's just cautious like that, and I'm okay with it because I know a day will come when he doesn't want me to hold him anymore :(

He can also wave really well, and at appropriate times instead of just randomly. And he knows how to high-five now too :)

Grace is his best buddy. They do fight sometimes, but they play really well together too. He likes to try to turn flips with her. He will put his hands and head on the ground, and then just stay hunched over like that until he falls side ways, which he will then smile because he thinks he's flipped lol.

As for his appearance... I'm not sure of his weight and height because his 1 year check-up isn't until two days after his birthday. His hair is strawberry blonde. It looks almost red in direct sunlight. His eyes are now hazel like mine. They are brown around the center, and a gray-green around the outer part. It's actually crazy because his eyes didn't change until about a month ago. Up until then, they were a uniform gray color. Oh, and he's still as pale as the day he was born :p

Now for some pictures...

My little man is growing up way too fast!


  1. I just love all the pictures!!! He really is growing up. I bet you he connects things because he is observant, like you said. Sam is the exact same way. I Love that she still clings to me, but I see that she is getting less clingy. It makes me happy, but sad, because I know the day is coming where I can't hold her as much. :( Have you considered carrying him in a toddler sling while you cook, if he will do it?

  2. I get sad at everything that shows they are growing up. I was sad when he stopped spitting up, sad when Grace was potty trained, etc. It's weird because I'm glad those things happened. Like I'm glad I'm not constantly being spit up on, and that I don't have to change Grace anymore, but I still know that they are growing up on me, and that's what makes me sad lol.

    I haven't thought about that. I may try that! I still have the sling i used when he was a baby, and I think it might work for him still.

  3. Can't believe it! I remember I was driving to my statistics class when I got the text! I was so excited I told my little sister when I got to class who was frightened by the size he was! Lol! She had just puns out she was pregnant! Lol!!

    Can't beliee he is a year! I remember the pregnancy post. Like like the one about everytime you went to the store you got a different type of pickle! Lol:)

  4. Lol yes, the pickles! That and sweet tea with LOTS of lemon were my two main cravings.

    Lol your poor sister. She probably had a heart attack when she heard that! I refused to believe he was going to be that big, but he was lol.

  5. Christina: I get what you are saying. That is why I am happy ever year that Sam gets older because I LOVE her being older. We can do so much more stuff together and we get closer and closer the older she gets, but I miss her being little. And her birthday passing just means one more year over.

    And it is like Sam is getting to that stage where she is not having any little "little kid" firsts. No more rolling over or walking or even potty training. It's, "She read her first word by herself." "She is going to be in Kindergarten next year." or something like that. It's crazy!

    That would be great! Let me know if it works.