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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Back to school.

Today was my first day back. I've officially started my third year!! Woooo! Even though I'm still technically a sophomore, and I won't be done for three more years, but hey, I haven't and will not give up!

See that sticker right there? I'm proud of that little sticker because it is my third one (yes it's placed on top of another one, which is placed on top of my first one lol). This is my parking permit, and I get a new one each year, which means this is my third year!! Now, other than that, I hate this darn little thing because it costs $60! For a sticker! Ugg. 

My classes went pretty well. I don't know anyone in my biology class, which never really bothers me because I don't need to know anyone to sit in a class and listen to lecture. The problem is that this class has a two hour lab every Tuesday. I barely made it to the lab today because I have my math class right before it, so most of the seats were taken. My lab partner seems pretty cool though, and my lab group (the two other people that share the table with us) was pretty awesome. We all worked well together. I just hope that it stays that way for the rest of the semester.  

I have one friend in my math class, so I'm happy about that. At least it's a familiar face!
It feels good to be back in school, but I definitely missed my babies! I'm gone from 7:30am to 1:15pm on Tuesdays and 7:30am to 11:15am on Thursdays, so it's not too bad, but I still miss them.

Chris and my dad got together and surprised me Friday night. Chris watched the kids, and my dad came and picked me up to take me shopping. It was totally unexpected! He took me to Rue 21, and I got three pairs of pants, two pairs of sandals, one pair of boots, three shirts, and two sweaters.
I tried to tell him he didn't have to buy it all, but he just kept saying he wanted to. Then I tried to convince him to let me pay him back, and he said no to that too.

Here's the outfit I chose for today.
The sweater and the pants are both things my dad bought.

I love my new clothes, and I am so thankful to have such and kind and generous dad who buys me things even when he no longer has to!

Now I just have to make it through this ridiculously busy month! Easier said than done.


  1. I LOVE your outfit. I'm so proud of you for not giving up on school! You've worked so hard!! You've got this, girl!

  2. Thanks girl :) I'm determined to finish. I want my babies to see that I never gave up.

  3. Love the outfit!! The pants are awesome!!

    Girl I know you can do it! You are an extremely smart and determine woman!!

  4. Thanks girl! I am definitely determined. I just wish I was close r to being done.