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Sunday, August 12, 2012

I love days like these! :)

Today was another amazing day! We couldn't resist taking the kids outside.

She loves this tree.

She has learned how to fake smile lol.

This is the face he makes (his lips puckered like that) all the time lol.

And this us him attaching himself to me as usual lol.

I love them!

They are best buddies :)

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 My two boys :)

Grace with her flowers that we searched the whole field for lol.


  1. Such cute pics! I Love the dress. It did feel so good outside today! We went to the Battle Field. I SO can't wait for Fall!!! (Sorry my thoughts are everywhere.) Sam loved those trees. If you go out behind my old apartment, there is never anybody out there, and the shade is really nice in the summer.

  2. Such good pics!! I love graces hair!! And Brentley has such an amazing smile!