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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Brentley is officially one!

His birthday was Sunday. The first half was uneventful. We just hung out at the house. Later, we took the kids out for ice cream. There is a park right next to the ice cream place, so we got the ice cream and parked in the park's parking lot. The kids sat in the front seat with us, and we all ate our ice cream. While we were sitting there, Brentley pulled the keys out of the ignition, and dropped them. They didn't land on my side, so I thought Chris would get them (especially since they were his keys). Well, he didn't, and he didn't realize it until after he locked the doors. We had to called a locksmith, and it took them FOREVER to get there. It was so hot and dusty, and we were all miserable by the time we got to leave.
Then, after we had rested some, the kids were playing outside, and Brentley fell into an ant hill. I immediately grabbed him up and got all the ants off him, but he has about 10 ant bites covering his body :(

Yesterday, we stayed home most of the day. Grace had gymnastics, but that was it.

Today, Brentley had his one-year check up. He weighes 28.2 lbs, so he hasn't even gained a whole pound since his 9 month check up. He weighed 27.6 then. His weight gain is finally slowing down! Now, he has grown 2 and a half inches taller since his 9 month check up. He is not 32.5 inches tall! She said he is off the charts for both weight and height now! Before, he has always just been off the charts for weight, and at the top for height. She said now that he hasn't gained much and has grown taller, his weight and height are proportional to each other on the charts. So that's good!

I love his doctor (well she's a nurse practitioner, but we always see her). I really do, but today, I was disappointed. After she went through all the usual questions, she goes, "You can turn his car seat around now." I was like "Well, I'm planning on leaving it until he outgrows the weight limit, which is 40 lbs." She said, "That's perfectly fine. You can do that. I think the recommendation is 2 years. I haven't switched mine either..." (She had twins about 3 weeks before I had Brentley) I was thinking why would she tell me to switch if she hasn't switched her kids? Then she says, "I haven't switched them because I'm afraid they're going to change the law. I don't want to switch them and then have to deal with switching them back." Are you kidding me?? She's AFRAID they'll change the law... like that's a bad thing?? I mean seriously, being a nurse practitioner, she should be more informed about things like that. If we can't trust these people for accurate information, who can we trust?? Okay, I'm done ranting about car seats (again lol).

I took these at the doctors office today. I would say "fish" and he would say "ishhh" and point to the fish lol. It was so cute!

I love this one. My little model! :)

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  1. Sorry ya'll got locked out. :/ Ice cream and playground sounds fun though! That is one of my favorite things to do in the summer!

    Wow...That is disappointing. I wonder why she said it like that. Sometimes I don't agree with them, but doctors seem to normally be "By The Book." Whatever the law says or the "Doctor Book" says at that point in time, is what they tell you to do, especially when it comes to things like what you feed them and such.