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Saturday, August 18, 2012

My silly little girl...

is depressed that it's not Halloween. She has a Dora book about Halloween that she wants me to read all the time (to the point that it is now literally falling apart).
Well, yesterday, there was a monster looking thing on a commercial, and I told her it was just his costume for Halloween. So, she of course started talking about Halloween, and I started asking her what she wanted to wear as her Halloween costume. I said, Fairy, Princess, Butterfly, and a few other things, and she instantly said "Butterfly!" Ever since then, she has been running around the house flapping her "wings" saying that she's going to be a butterfly for Halloween.
My mom and sister can over yesterday for a little bit, and she was telling them how she was going to be a butterfly, then she told me sister she was going to be a witch lol.
As soon as she got up today she said that she wanted to be a butterfly, and I told her it's not Halloween yet, that she had to wait. She got all sad, and she has been moping around the house for the last 30 minutes, bless her heart. She is so ready to dress up for Halloween. She was even asking me what "baby's" costume was going to be, and what my costume was going to be.
I feel bad because she doesn't understand that Halloween is still over two months away.
Her friend's birthday party is today, so I'm hoping that she will forget about Halloween for awhile after that.

Oh, and I don't know if I've mentioned it, but she is 100% potty trained at night and everything, and she has been for awhile now!!! When we're at home, she always remembers that she has to go, and when we're out somewhere, she always tells me when she has to go. I'm so proud of her!!!


  1. My little ones have been talking about Halloween also. It is mine and Drews favorite holiday so we have been getting excited seeing all the stuff coming out!!! Pretty sure Ellanoa is going to be a peacock( I'll make a tutu), kaedyn wants spiderman but that may change, Charleigh just said she wanted to be a bat earlier she said a cow.... Honestly the girl is silly, and Blaikelynne will be either a butterfly or wear her cocoon.....
    Can't wait!

    Way to go grace!!!

  2. Aww they will all be so cute!! I'm not sure what Brentley is going to be yet. I'm thinking a sock monkey, but I want to browse all the Halloween isles before I decide for sure lol.

  3. Yay Grace. That is so great that she potty trained so easy!

    Sam was the same way last year, and this year. When she had just turned 2 is when she really started getting into it. And then when she had just turned 3 she started understanding the costumes. And this year she remembers what we did last year, so she keep saying she wants to be Jessie from Toy Story and go to the same neighborhood and eat the same thing for dinner. I tried to explain to her some things will be the same, and others will be different, like her costume. Looks like she will be Rapunzel. She wants me to be Rapunzel's mother and Jessie to be the prince. And Jessie said okay, so I am hoping to find the costumes-cheap.

    I think Sock Monkey will be so cute on Brentley if Chris lets you pick this year. I bet you are excited Grace is old enough to pick!

  4. She is still telling me she wants to be a butterfly lol. I feel terrible telling her that she can't yet.
    I wasn't sure if she would be ready to pick her own costume yet, but apparently she is, and she is so excited about it! Lol.

    I think I have convinced Chris on the sock monkey. I just have to find the costume now. I've seen that it's going to be a Kmart and Party City. As soon as costumes hit the shelves, I will be looking lol.