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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Brentley's party!! *Pic heavy!*

We dropped Brentley off with my mom this morning so we could go get everything set up. Grace came with us, and we got to the building around 9:30. Later, Chris went to get some breakfast and get the balloons filled up, and when he did, he locked us in. When he got back at about 10:50, he told me to come help him get the balloons, so Grace and I walked out with him, grabbed some balloons, and pulled on the door. Yeah, it didn't open. Long story short, we locked ourselves out. We called the emergency number, and they sent a maintenance guy. While we were waiting, we ate our breakfast, and then I painted Grace's toenails and fingernails lol. He didn't get there until 12, so over an hour of waiting. I'm just thankful that Grace had come out with us. She would have been so scared in there by herself.

I was in a mad rush by the time we got back in. I had lost over an hour of prep time, so I was panicking. It all worked out though.

Well, a lot of people didn't show up (including Chris' mom and step-dad because they were "sick." Suuuure. But whatever.), but it still turned out to be a nice party. There were 18 people there all together, so not too many, but I actually liked it that way. It seemed less chaotic.

Here are some views of the decorations.

Here are some shots of me working on the cake.

I was pleased with the way they turned out. They were a little lopsided, but I thought they were good for being so crunched for time after being locked out lol. 

His smash cake... 
 His big cake...

(Chris, Kayla, and Jaylen)


(Brentley playing in the floor. It's a good pic of his outfit.)

(My cousins, Eli and his mommy)

(Cheyenne, Sami, and Grace)


He really liked this one.

He tried to put it on! It was sooo cute!

Cheyenne and Grace were working together to hand him his presents. So sweet!

He got lots of clothes and socks, some Little People super heros, some Weebles, a little baseball glove and ball, a school scrapbook, a magna doodle, and some bath toys :)

Did someone say cake?!?

Grace stood there and pulled all the stars and dots off lol. 

Brentley seemed to enjoy it :)

The candle on the big cake was a sparkler!

Brentley watched it burn the whole time lol.

Cake compared to the decor.

And after it was cut/devoured lol.

Clean up time!

Brentley played with these for like 30 minutes lol.

Chris was pushing the girls around on this. They loved it!

Then Brentley discovered a mop. He pushed it around for another 30 minutes lol.

I really enjoyed the party! Also, another shout out to Brittany for staying to help clean and helping us bring stuff home! You are such a great friend!! :)

It's still hard for me to believe that in about 10 hours, my baby will officially be a year old! We are taking him for ice cream and to the park tomorrow :)
We also have birthday pictures this week, his 1 year check-up Tuesday, and we're going to the Discovery Museum Wednesday :) So lots of posts to come! Oh, and I'm going to do a post showing his completed 1st year scrapbook :)


  1. The decorations and everything look so good! You did an awesome job on the cake too!

    It really doesn't seem like you had him only a year ago. Lol.

  2. I had a lot of fun at his party. You are right. Small parties seem like less chaos. We usually have like 25 people at Sam's parties, but like 11 families. It is hard to talk to everybody. I feel like I am ignoring people, but I don't mean to.

    Nice pics. Have fun at the museum!!!

    You're welcome, girl. I am willing to help anytime!

  3. Thanks, Megan! I still haven't fully accepted that he's actually one now :p

    Brittany, I'm not even going to waste my money inviting the people who didn't even bother to let me know if they would or wouldn't be coming. From now on, I'm inviting people I know will actually want to.
    I always feel like I'm ignoring people too :/