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Monday, July 23, 2012


With Brentley's birthday being next month, we are trying to figure out what to get him. We already got him a few bath toys, and I want to get him some Tonka trucks, but beyond that, I have no idea.

We already have a Toys R Us and a library in their bedroom. They have so many toys and books that they don't have room for any more, nor do they need anymore.

I guess we are just going to get him some fall/winter clothes. He actually needs that, and since he'll only be turning one I don't think he'll mind getting clothes as presents. He won't know the difference anyway.

For Grace's birthday, we decided that we are going to get her LeapPad 2. They are coming out in August, and I think she would really like it. She loves my iPod, but she is a destructive little thing, so I don't like letting her play with it. A LeapPad 2 is sort of an expensive birthday gift, but we decided to get it for her so that we could buy her some more apps and accessories for Christmas.
It comes with five apps, so she would still be able to use it until she got some new ones at Christmas.

Speaking of which, I plan on cleaning out their room before Christmas. I'm going to get rid of their Laugh and Learn kitchen and table (we want to get them a bigger play kitchen for Christmas), and a bunch of their toys that they never play with.
I'm also going to go through their clothes and get rid of everything that doesn't fit them. Grace has way too much clothes. So much so that we don't even have room to hang it all up or put it all in drawers. Some of it is just sitting in boxes in her closet. 

That way maybe we can make some extra money off that stuff and make room for new stuff. 

Hopefully by Christmas there will be a lot more room in their room and Brentley will have more interests.

I know this post is really random. I was just thinking about Brentley's birthday presents and it turned into this lol.


  1. Hm. Yah. Clothes would probably be a good idea since they have so many toys.
    That is why we usually just take Samantha out to do fun stuff instead of getting her many birthday gifts. She enjoys going out and doing a bunch of fun stuff, and she never misses the toys we would have gotten her in place of going out.
    Sweet! A LeapPad 2? What is the difference between the LeapPad and the LeapPad 2?

  2. Honestly I'm not really sure since the only time I've ever spent with a LeapPad is the little bit of time with Sami's at your house lol. Does her's only have one camera? Because this one is going to have a camera/video recorder on the front and the back. And it says that it's going to have more memory space.
    It comes with four apps already installed, and then we get to download one of our choice. Any suggestions for the best one?

    Oh and the colors are different. Where the LeapPad was either white and green or white and purple, the LeapPad 2 is either entirely green or entirely purple.

    We are planning on taking him to the Discover Museum a couple of days before his birthday, but we have those free tickets, so we don't have to spend any money on that, and there's not much else we can take a one year old to do lol.

  3. Yah. Hers only has one camera. That's cool. They propaly fixed the small lag problem too.

    Mmm...well, I think there is only a choice of like 5 you could get free when you buy it, At least that is how it was when we got Sam's. We got her the Alphabet Soup one, but she still doesn't understand it too well.

    Sounds good. We did the same with Sam one year. She doesn't care about money. Her first birthday we just did a playground and some small stuff. I think this year we are taking her minature golf. She has never been. BTW I can't believe she will be 3 this year! It seems like Sam just turned 3 and I couldn't believe how big she was.

  4. I can't believe it either! And it's not just that she'll be 3. It's that she's pretty much out of the toddler phase. I realized the other day that now that she isn't in diapers anymore, she has nothing left to connect her to being a baby :( She is a big kid now.