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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Now I'm just frustrated...

We told Chris' mom and step-dad that we had to talk to them this weekend, so that I could complete the loan process if we were going to go through with buying the SUV.

She told us to come to her house today so that we could "discuss it." Remember that she said discuss it.

Also remember that since the end of May, we have been trying to work out a plan for this. This plan has always consisted of us giving them a large down payment, then paying it off.

When we finally came up with a sure fire payment plan last week, they started acting shady... leading to the post I posted the other day. So, we told them we needed to meet with them because we came up with a new plan that would allow us to pay it off by January. They didn't even want to meet, but we insisted because I HAVE to finalize the loan on Monday.

So we go over there, and they ask us to explain. I'm the one who's good with numbers, so I started to trying to explain it, and his step-dad cut me off. He told me the issue was that he needs something to drive. I was completely confused. He has a truck and she has a car, so I had no idea what he was talking about.

He starts ranting about how he only has liability insurance on his truck, so if... IF... he were to wreck it, he wouldn't be able to afford a new vehicle, so he would need to drive the TrailBlazer.
After he explained a little further I realized that he was saying he wouldn't be able to get another loan on vehicle until they pay the TrailBlazer off. This makes sense, except for this...
The way he was talking, he sounded like he was certain that he was going to pull out of the driveway and drive straight into the neareat light pole. It was like he was certain that he was going to wreck and need to drive the TrailBlazer.
Not to mention... we only have liability insurance on my Cavalier. Our ONLY car. What happens if one of us wrecks? Then we have NO car. Not to mention my car has 23532463 problems, one of which is that in the last week the air has decided to not be cold anymore. Our kids bake if we take them out :( We have real issues here, whereas he is holding out because of a possibility.

I tried to tell them that we would take over insurance for the TrailBlazer, so he could get full coverage on his truck. He cut me off.

I tried to tell them that we could write a contract stating that if, for any reason, he needed the TrailBlazer while we were still paying on it, he could have it back. He cut me off.

Everything I tried to explain, he cut me off. This was no discussion. And he never had any intentions of letting me discuss anything. We have to pay them in full or we are not getting it.

So, because he COULD wreck and it COULD be his fault, the TrailBlazer is just going to sit there until January when the second half of my loan comes in.

Except now, I am terrified that I will take out this loan out then they are not going to sell it to us. I am pretty sure I have figured out what is going on. When Chris' mom bought a new car, his step-dad thought he would get the TrailBlazer, but Chris' mom had already told us we could have it. I think he is mad that he is not getting it (his truck is not as nice as the TrailBlazer), and he is trying to make this process so difficult that we just give up. Well, I've got news for him. I am one determined mommy! I want what is best for my children, and I KNOW that this is best. I am not giving up. That SUV better be parked right where it is waiting on us in January. I am sick of all this beating around the bush. I am not giving them one cent of my loan until January, at which time, we will hand them the full $5000 and drive off in OUR TrailBlazer.

It just sucks knowing that my babies have to suffer, and we have to drive an unreliable car until then. It was all I could do not to cry out of frustration and sadness. I was so sure that we would have a better vehicle for them next month :(

Please note, I understand that they are doing us a huge favor by selling it to us for as cheap as they are. I know I probably sound like I am taking it for granted, but I am just sick of feeling put through the ringer and bending over backwards, then being lied to and shut down. 


  1. Girl, I totally understand why you would be frustrated. SO RIDICULOUS! I don't see what the big deal is. She should not have ever offered if she wasn't going to go through with, or if she was going to send you in circles. What are the chances that he will actually total his truck? All of a sudden. And she could keep the title in her name until ya'll paid it off. (I am assuming that you would be okay with that if she would just let ya'll go ahead and have it.) And the fact that you offered to sign something saying he could have it back, it isn't about him wrecking. It is about him not wanting her to sell it to ya'll. I'm sorry, girl. :/ I really hope once you get all the money in January that you can pay it off and not have to worry about all this again.

  2. Yeah, we were planning on leaving it in her name until it was paid off. It was so obvious that it had nothing to do with him wrecking it. I completed the loan process today, so we better get the suv. If we don't, heads will be rolling.

  3. For real. Just make sure to ahold of it so you can pay it all off if she does flake. :/