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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

I knew this was going to happen...

Chris' mom is the person who is supposed to be selling us the SUV. Well, she won't be straight with us for anything. We have been trying to finalize a payment plan with her for over a month now, but she keeps putting it off. I refuse to take out a loan if we aren't going to get the SUV.

She wants us to pay $290 a month over and above the $1500 we are planning on giving her next month. She says that she has to have enough to cover the payments (which are $290) each month. Well, plain and simple, we can't afford $290 over and above the insurance on the Trailblazer and the Cavalier.

I have been trying and trying to explain to her that we could have the SUV paid off by August of next year, if not sooner.

I just sent her a message in my last attempt to get her to understand that this can work.
This is the message I sent...

"If I take out the loan, I will be getting $1500 a month from now. We could give you that, which would be enough to cover at least 5 months of payments, plus we could give you $100 each month in addition to the $1500 we would have already given. By the time the original $1500 runs out, we will have the next installment of $1500 in January, which would cover 5 more months of payments. I will also receive money from my Pell Grant in January because I will be taking enough hours to draw from it, so we would be able to add another $500 installment.

So, by the end of January, we will have paid $4000, which would be well more than enough to cover the $1740 worth of payments between now and January. There would still be $2260 left over, which would cover another 7 months worth of payments. 

We would continue to pay the $100 during those 7 months, and one of those months we would pay $170, so at the end of the 7 months we would have the suv completely paid off.

And this way, we would never be short on a payment. Plus, anytime we had extra money, we would put it toward the suv, so that we could try to pay it off even quicker."
I hope that makes sense. I have gone over the numbers time and time again. I know they are right.

Yet, she refuses to understand how this will work. She keeps saying it won't, and that she has to talk to her husband. I am certain that we could have this completely paid off in a year without missing or being short on a single payment. The numbers are right. But now she's saying that she's not sure she wants to sell it to us because she's not sure we can make the payments. I mean, really?? I have laid it all out, so I hope this breaks through to her.

Again, I refuse to take out a loan if she's not going to actually let us buy the SUV. I have to finalize the loan by Monday. If she doesn't give us a definite yes or no by then, we won't be getting it :( I'm stressed beyond the max now!


  1. Ah :( I'm sorry your going thru this! Hunter's mom tried to do the same thing with us, but wanting to buy his truck from him, but not going to give us any money for it until October, Don't think so! But I hope it all works out and y'all get this car! Or at least another one if this doesn't work out!

  2. Thanks! We don't expect her to give it to us before we've paid anything. We even told her that she doesn't have to give it to us until we've paid it off. No matter what we say, she just changed tells us she has to talk to her husband and changes the subject. It's been this way for over a month. I'm just at my limit with the run around :(

  3. So ridiculous! Sounds like she said she would sell it to ya'll just to be nice. I guess she didn't think ya'll would actually do it. And if she is anything like Lynn, she probably doesn't actually talk to her husband about it, but she tries to make him look like the mean one. Lynn is always saying stuff like, "Well, Darrell thinks you and Brandi are lazy and that you two should clean up dinner since I try so hard to cook." When I know she is the one saying it, not him.

    Maybe you could just say, fine, take out the loan, and use it to pay her $290.00 a month. You offered to pay it to her in advance so she knew she would get the money, and it is her problem if she doesn't understand it. And it isn't like she doesn't know you guys. You are her family.

  4. Oh, nevermind. I must have missed the part where you said 1,500 AND 290 a month. Does she really think anybody can afford to pay that?! Jeez.

  5. Yeah I'm pretty sure she didn't think we would be able to make it work.

    And yeah she wants both. I'm thinking, if we could afford to do that, we wouldn't need to get a car from her! We would just go get one from a dealership.

    And I'm also wondering what the heck she is planning on doing with the $1500. If it's not going to go toward the payments of the SUV, what is she planning on using it for. Yes, it's a down payment, but it should still go toward the SUV, you know? It's not like we going to give her a $1500 down payment, and then pay her $5000. Idk, maybe that's what she had in her head. She won't talk to us long enough to explain anything.

  6. Did she ever message you back?

  7. Nope. We called her today, and she told Chris to stop pestering her. We told her we had to know, so she tried to say that she would talk to her husband. Chris actually got mad, first time I've seen her mad at him in a long time. He told her we had to know by Sunday.