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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

We made our decision.

We went forward with it and signed the lease. We got the keys today!
After we got the keys we wet back to the apartment to really check it out for ourselves without anybody staring over our shoulders. We both really like it.
I can really see us staying here until we are ready to buy our own house :)
It is in such a nice area, and I love the apartment.

Here are some pics.

The living room from the door.

The living room from the kitchen.

The kitchen.

The back deck.

What will be our bedroom.

The laundry closet.

What will be the kids' room.

Their walk-in closet.

Once we get everything set up, I will post more pics.
Now we just have to move lol.


  1. It looks a lot like the lay out of Brittany's! Hehe!! That is so exciting.
    It looks really nice! I love the back deck! One thing I miss about apartments is not having to cut grass. Our yard is a jungle!!! Drew is cutting it this weekend! But yea I am so happy all the drama is over for you guys and that y'all can finally settle!!

  2. That closet is awesome! Congrats, you guys!! It looks really really nice!

  3. Yep. Only slight differences. Your windows don't go down quite as far as ours. Flooring is different. That's all I really see. Oh, and that rack in in the closet. We have a belt rack, but not a big rack in the walk in closet. Oh, and ya'll have a ballin' washer and dryer!

    I really think you will like it until ya'll buy a house. This is where we plan to stay until we do. Congrats! :)