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Friday, February 24, 2012

The babies are set!

My uncle and his wife (I call her my aunt) live in Florida. I have talked about them a few times on here before because they always send us all of their daughter's clothes. Their daughter was born in Oct. of '08, and Grace was born in Nov. of '09, so they are just a little over a year apart.
Well, my aunt's sister had a little boy about a year before I had Brentley, and now her sister has been nice enough to send all of her son's clothes to Brentley (on the condition that I pass them onto my cousin for her baby when Brentley outgrows them, which I have no problem doing).

They have such nice stuff! Stuff we could never afford, like some of it is Ralph Lauren! There is also a lot of Children's Place, Carter's, and Gymboree. And it all looks brand new. Grace got two big bags of clothes and eight pairs of shoes! Brentley got two boxes of clothes and a pair of shoes! 
Brentley got some super cute outfits, and Grace got some adorable dresses.

We are so blessed to have them in our lives. I never ask for anything from them. They just send it out of the goodness of their hearts. I've even offered to pay her for the stuff on several occasion, but she never will let me. I am so thankful for them! I mean, we will always make sure that our kids have clothes, but we wouldn't be able to afford such an expensive wardrobe for them.                                                                                 


  1. That's so great! That is very sweet of them. :) You'll definitely have to post some pics of the babies in them. Are you still going to the Kids Zone sale today?

  2. I will def take some pics of them in them in them! There is tons of stuff though.
    She also sent like 10 pair of those panties that are sort of padded. They still let the feel wet, but it doesn't make a huge mess. You know what I'm talking about? I have been wanting some of those for Grace lol.

    Probably not since they have all this stuff now. I'll be tempted to spend money that I don't need to lol.

  3. Yah. I know what you are talking about. Sam had some of those. They were awesome. And those plastic underwear for at night. That got us through the first week when she had a lot of accidents. And then we put them on her at night for like a year, just in case. I got them at the consignment, and was so glad I did.

    Ha Ha. Yah. Understandable. I usually only buy one or two things because I am extremely picky. But I got some bows today. :) Sam's head is getting bigger and she needs bigger bows. lol.