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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Hope we aren't making a mistake...

So we called the apartment guy yesterday fully expecting him to tell us that the apartment had been rented to someone else. Instead he tells us that we were always first in line, and that he must have gotten mixed up when we call him and thought we were someone else.
I was thrilled! He said we could call him today around 1, and we would set up a time to do the paperwork/pay the deposit.
So we have 2 numbers for him, and we didn't know which one he wanted us to call. He didn't answer either one the first time we called at 1. So we called both of them again at 1:30. Still nothing, so after 2 we called both of them again, and he answered the second number we called. I handed the phone to Chris, and the guy pretty much went off on Chris. Telling Chris he was in a meeting, and that we were calling him back to back. Then he HUNG UP on Chris!
Chris was FURIOUS. I thought for sure that we were not getting the apartment now, and I wasn't even sure if we wanted to.
Chris tried to call only one number a few hours later, and there was no answer, so Chris left a message asking him to just tell us one way or the other, but we never got a call back.
So about an hour later (just a few minutes ago), I called him from a different phone number, and he answered. I explained that we had no idea he was in a meeting and that we called both his phones back to back because we didn't know which number to call. He was nice to me. He apologized, and said he just didn't understand what was going on. That doesn't excuse his behavior earlier, but I expected him to hang up on me too. He actually listened to me, and said that he understands now, and that we could call him tomorrow to set up a time again.
I asked him which number to call, so that we can avoid this problem. But now, I'm thinking, do we even want to live there if this guy is going to be such a bi-polar jerk?
I really do think that it is the best place for our kids to live.
I just hope we are making the right decision here. I mean we really won't have to deal much with the guy except to pay our rent, and if we need any maintenance. I don't know. This is the most stressful time we have had with moving :(


  1. I get what you are saying. Luckily, you won't live above him. lol And to pay your rent, you just drop it in the box. As long as you pay on time, you don't really have to deal with him. Things hear barely break. I think 3 times the whole time we have been here-2 years, something has broken. And once it was because our stove was unplugged. lol

    I hope you guys get it figured out.

  2. Ha! I really do not know! I didn't even know we could move the stove! But you best believe I started cleaning under it once I found out. lol

  3. Y'all will make the right decision.
    That was really rude of him though. Sheesh!
    So are y'all moving into the same complex as Brittany?? That would be pretty cool.....I'm so left out down here.....

  4. Brittany, lol I bet you did. I'm bad about not cleaning places like that. If I can't see that it's dirty, I don't think about it lol.

    Jessika, yep, I never would have known there was apartments back there if it wasn't for Brittany lol.
    Once you guys graduate you should look for jobs up here :)

  5. Christina: I over think about it. lol. I can't stand hidden messes.

    Jessika: It sucks you are all the way down there. :/