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Friday, February 17, 2012

Mixed feelings...

Well, our place we were wanting to move to didn't work out, so we have switched to plan b. It's not exactly ideal, but I'm getting used to the idea... moving back to a two bedroom apartment. We really have no other choice. We've been looking on craigslist and in the paper for months, and out of all of that we saw one potential place, and it wasn't in our ideal area. So now we have started looking into two bedroom apartments in the area... well, one specifically. I have a friend who already lives in this one apartment complex. She says that they are safe, the landlord is on top of the maintenance, there are no bug problems, they have a dishwasher, there are no bug problems, they have washer/dryer hookups, the landlord covers water and garbage, the electric is never over $100, the list of pluses goes on and on.  The only thing I didn't like is that it's a two bedroom, but after talking to her, I found out that it's actually more square feet than where we are now.  I think the kids would like it better if they had more room. They are too young to really notice what sharing a room is, and it wouldn't be that way forever. I'm not a huge fan of them sharing a room, but I honestly feel that this is the best thing for them. Brentley is about to start crawling, and then walking. He needs room to do that.

Basically, my major requirements for our new place are:
  • A good size living room
  • Bigger than where we are now
  • Room for a kitchen table
  • Washer/dryer hookups
  • No bugs/mold/etc.
  • In the same county we live in now, which is the county I have lived in most of my life. It's a nice, safe place to live, and it has great school systems, which is very important to me.
This apartment has all that plus more! It has a back porch that we could put the kids outdoor toys on instead of having to keep them in the house taking up space right now.
It's really close to my mom and two of my friends who both have kids, and it's a lot closer to my school, which will save us a lot of money on gas (it costs me $40 a week to drive to Dalton State right now). 

We plan on giving the kids the bigger room if we do move to a two bedroom.  Really it won't be much of a difference. The only things that Brentley has in his room are his crib, his changing table, and his plastic bin drawers. It really won't be much to put them in the same room.

We are going to meet the landlord at this place tomorrow to fill out the application. I really hope we get this place because if we have to go to a two bedroom, then this one is perfect. I really think that we can make this work. We want to find a place where we don't want to move again until we are in a position where we can buy a house. With everything we know about this place, I think this could be it.


  1. Text me and let me know what he said. :)

    I hope ya'll get it. I am guessing bugs is a big deal for you since you named it more than anything else. lol. Same with me though. I saw a bug one time in here. I called him and he instantly sent someone up to spray. I haven't seen another one since.

  2. We don't have bugs here, but we did at our old apartment and I hated it! It wasn't so bad when we first moved in, but then we got some neighbors below us that wouldn't clean their houses, and the bugs multiplied big time! It was so gross!

  3. Oh yah. That is how it was with that apartment down Alabama Highway when-the one we were going to rent before we moved here. The one he showed us didn't have bugs, but the other one did big time, and he said it was because the people next door. We were going to move in, and just try to get rid of them, but we read online it is almost impossible. :/ That is why I like that he sprays on a regular basis.

  4. Our landlord at the old apartment sprayed once a month, but it still didn't help. It really was impossible to get rid of them.