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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Omg it broke my heart...

Brentley has always been asleep when I leave for school in the mornings. Well, this morning he woke up about 5 minutes before I had to leave. He was rolling around on the bed and smiling all cute and happy, but then it was time for me to leave... I started walking towards the door and he was smiling at me. Chris told me to shut the door, so I told Brentley I loved him, and I shut the door, and he immediately started crying. It was so pitiful. He's never done anything like that before either. I guess he is aware of me leaving now :( And so the attachment phase begins. It just broke my heart. I started crying because I could hear him crying as I was going out the door.

Okay, I'm done with the sad stuff... I'll give a little update on my big boy. He weighs over 23 lbs now! He will be 6 months old in 10 days! I cannot believe he is already almost 6 months old. It just blows my mind!
He has two teeth now! The two bottom middle ones, and boy does he use them :( OUCH! And he doesn't understand when I tell him to stop biting... it's become a bit of a struggle with him.
He is also on the verge of crawling! He gets up on his hands and knees and rocks back and forth. He scoots himself too. He just hasn't quite figured out how to get those hands and knees to work together. So, in the meantime, he rolls EVERYWHERE. If he wants something he rolls his little bottom to it lol. We are going to officially start him on baby food after he turns 6 months. He has had some applesauce already, but he didn't like it. He made a face like it was the most sour thing he had ever tasted. I guess technically it was though lol.
He's also is addicted to rocking. If we are rocking in the rocking chair, and I stop rocking he will rock himself back and forth until he gets the chair going again lol.

Here are some pictures of him taking his first bath in his big boy bath seat :)


  1. Awe. That is too sad. :/ I am sorry. Is he at least doing better with you being gone?

    By the way, just read your VDay post. GRACE IS GETTING SO BIG!!! She looks like a little girl now. Not a baby!

    Cute bath pics. I bet they liked taking a bath together.

  2. Not really, but Chris is getting better at handling him, so that's something.

    I know!! When I was looking at the pics I noticed she really is starting to look like a kid.

    They did! They played in it for like 30 minutes lol.

  3. Well, that is a good thing. Jessie wouldn't know what to do. He watches her now, when I go to Dalton, but she doesn't really cry anymore. He hates crying.

    Isn't it crazy?! I can't wait to see her today. I bet she has grown up a lot. Samantha is going to enjoy talking with her like they did last time.

    Does she play pretty well with him?

  4. Yeah Chris isn't fond of the crying either. He lets him cry until he falls asleep. It is impossible for me to do that. I always give in lol.

    She can talk even better now than she did then. She talks mostly in sentences now!

    She's a little rough sometimes, but she doesn't mean to be. She's really sweet to him. She will say "I love you baby." It's so cute!!