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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

My bucket list.

When I was a sophomore in high school we had an assignment to make one of these. I was looking back at it, and it is amazing how many things I would never put on their now lol. Plus, there were a few I could cross off already, so I decided that I would make a new one. It is in no specific order. Just things I want to do/accomplish before I die...

  1. Get married
  2. Plant a tree
  3. Go to the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade
  4. Visit the Mall of America
  5. Read the entire Harry Potter series
  6. Find a church where I actually feel like I belong
  7. Donate my hair to Locks of Love
  8. Own a home
  9. Pay for a stranger's tab at a drive thru or restaurant
  10. Go on a cruise
  11. Graduate college
  12. Find a four leaf clover
  13. Take my children to Disney World
  14. Write a book
  15. Decorate my home the way I (and my family) want it
  16. Swim with the dolphins
  17. Become a teacher
  18. Watch my children graduate high school
  19. Plan to have a baby (MAYBE, we still aren't sure on this one. We both like the idea of planning and being excited about a pregnancy, but we don't know if we want more kids or not)
  20. Read the entire Bible
  21. Have a nice newer car (by nice I don't mean BMW. I just mean one that I can trust.)
  22. Have a day out once a month with each of my children (each child gets a day, and they pick what we get to do)
  23. Have a date once a month with Chris
  24. Have a family dinner around the table every night
  25. Watch the sunrise
  26. Visit another country
  27. Get dressed everyday, even if I have no where to go
  28. Have a garden
  29. Have some sort of fun fight with my children (food fight, water balloon fight, etc.)
  30. Take my children to the beach
These are just the ones I can think of right now, but they are definitely my main ones.


  1. That's a good list!

    The last part scared me, before I finished reading it-Fight with my kids. I was

    That is why I would want another baby. We planned Samantha and were really excited and all, but since I was still in school and lived with my Mom, we didn't get the excitement of having like a real nursery and I didn't get to stay home from day 1. But we just don't want more. :/

    I do think it is a neat idea to give the kids each one day. Then Chris can take one while you have the other. Kill two birds with one stone. :)
    Since I have Brennon a lot lately, I take them out every other Wednesday after storytime. And then I take out Samantha by herself on Saturdays-the weeks we didn't go out on Wednesday, because I don't have Brennon and Jessie is at work, so we still get our alone time.

    Oh, and as far as reading the whole Bible goes, if you get one of those "Daily Bread" booklets, it will tell you what chapters to read each night so that you can finish the Bible in a year. It doesn't take long, maybe 2 to 3 chapters a night, not even 30 minutes.

  2. Haha yeah. I figured that sounded weird. That's why I added food or water balloon fight at the end lol.

    I am really looking forward to taking them out. I hope that Grace likes things like getting her nails done and shopping because I would love to do that stuff with her. And then, I'm not much for boy stuff, but I would still have fun taking him places. My luck, their roles will be reversed. Brentley will like shopping and Grace will wanna go to the drag strip or something lol.
    No joke though, there is a guy in one of my classes that carries a coach purse, paints his toenails, and wears make up. I would have no idea what to do with Brentley if he was like that.

    I have seen those things before, but I literally just do not have time to read the Bible right now. If I read the Bible, then I don't have time to read stuff for school. I know that sounds terrible, but I can't risk failing my classes. My classes this semester have really piled on the reading. In one of my classes we have to read two chapters a week, and in another one we have to read about 8 short stories a week. It's just crazy. I can barely keep up with it!

  3. Ha Ha. That would be awful. But I guess it is possible. I am hoping Samantha stays girly also. Right now she is all about princesses and dressing up all pretty. She makes Brennon play all the girl games instead of playing boy toys with him. But he doesn't mind.

    Wow...That is crazy-about that guy. I have never seen a guy actually carry a purse!

    I get what you are saying. That is insane you are so busy! I don't see how you (and Jessika-lol) do it. I know my day isn't completely full all the time, but I feel like I stay busy a lot between cooking, cleaning, and now trying to get Samantha out and doing stuff like the library and whatnot.

  4. I hope Grace stays girly and Brentley is all boy. That is just the way I see them in my head. It would throw me off if they weren't. Grace is pretty girl, but she's very active as well, so she may be a tom boy. Who knows lol.

    And yeah, I had never seen a guy with a purse either. And I could tell he was wearing foundation on Wednesday because he had the make up line around his jaw bone. Then I noticed his BRIGHT BLUE toenails, which were in his flip flops in 40 degree weather lol. He's really smart though.

    We don't have a lot of family outings right now :( Grace has a Barney movie that sings a song about the library, and she can repeat the song word for word, so today I was telling her how they have story time at the library, and that we could go if she wanted. She seemed excited, but I just don't know if she would sit still long enough. Are there other kids there that get up and move around? Or are most of them older?

  5. Ha Ha. That's crazy! Jessie wear flip flops all year long...but he doesn't paint his nails. lol.

    Awe. That is great. The earlier the better. Samantha and Brennon love it. It is the highlight of their week. And they just get a ton of books! There are a lot of younger kids there, especially those with brothers or sisters that are older. For the first half they generally sit still, but then they start getting up and moving around, especially Samantha and Brennon. They are getting better at it. But nobody generally stares when they do get up, because they have all been there. There is one story time Wednesday at 11, and the other one is Tuesday night at 630-I believe.