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Friday, February 10, 2012

Today was my first day of student teaching!

I was sort of nervous because I have never actually taught before. Not mention I had never met the teacher or the kids, but when I got there one of my friend's mom was in the room. She is the assistant teacher for that classroom. And the other teacher is really nice! She's young. She look about 25, and she is gorgeous. They both made me feel very comfortable.
For the first hour I just observed her teaching, then at 10am it was my turn to teach. I have a poster of a community, and that is the basis of my lessons. For today, I was basically supposed to get the kids acquainted with what a community is.
I figured that I would be really nervous once I was on my own, but I wasn't at all. It just came naturally! I explained the community, and talked about things like businesses, volunteers, and different types of jobs. I had some of the kids come up and show me some of the workers on the poster, and had them explain what that worker's job is. They were all very eager to participate. I actually felt bad because when I would pick one kid I could hear some of the others sigh or say something like "aw man." I didn't have enough people on the poster to pick every student though :(
After that, I passed out there work sheets, and showed them an example of how they were supposed to match their stickers to the spots on the worksheet. Then I just walked around and helped anyone who needed help.
That was the end of my lesson for today. The kids really seemed to enjoy it, and I did too. I even got a couple of hugs on my way out :) I had a really good time. I can't wait to go back next week!

I got my placement for my other school. It's at a different school, for the 4th grade, and it's only observation, so I'm not as excited about it. I don't want to teach anything over 2nd grade.

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  1. I am glad it went so well for you, girl! That is sad, that they were disappointed they didn't get picked-just remember them for next time, but it is good that you kept them interested.

    I would be so nervous, I would probably freeze. lol