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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

So, let me tell you all what happened...

First off, we are in our apartment now! Yay! And we just got the internet set up.

Now, the bad stuff...

The night that we moved, I had gone to my mom's for a bit once it got dark (because we didn't have heat yet), Chris came to pick us up later, and he had his friend (who was helping us move) with him, so I had to sit in the back with the babies. I usually sit up front. Well, I sat the diaper bag on top of the car and got in, then Chris put Brentley in behind me, got in, and we drove off. Neither one of us gave the diaper bag a second thought. I thought he had gotten it, and he is used to me getting it when I get in the front seat. So, we drove for about 3 minutes before I realized it wasn't in the car. My mom's street is not busy at all, so I just figured we'd turn around, go grab it, and go back on our way... Well, as we are coming up on my mom's street I see stuff covering the road... the diaper bag didn't fall of until we turned onto the main road (a very busy road), and people ran all over it! My iPod Touch... destroyed. My phone... destroyed. My calculator (which I have no idea why it was in there)... destroyed. The diaper bag itself... destroyed. My nursing cover has tire tracks all over it. I'm going to try and wash it to see if I can get them out. My camera got ran over, and the battery came out and the video button was messed up, but Chris fixed it thankfully. One of Brentley's toys was completely in pieces. And the diaper wipes were all over the road. I was really upset because we didn't find his favorite little monkey toy, but I found out later that I had left it at my mom's, so it was unharmed :)
Now, on the bright side... we found my wallet, $25, six of Grace's bows, two dollhouse people, a teether, a little ball, a few baby spoons, three diapers (with a few tire tracks), an outfit for Brentley, and a bracelet that my grandmother made for Grace all intact.

It took us about 30 minutes to search for everything. We were running all over the busy road trying to grab stuff, and people kept driving over stuff right in front of us. A cop pulled up, turned his lights on, and after he realized what we were doing, he helped us look for stuff. I was afraid he was going to try to make us stop or give us a littering ticket or something, but he was really nice.

Luckily, I have insurance on my phone, so we only had to pay a $50 deductible, and I'm supposed to be getting it today. We have a service plan on my iPod. Chris is calling about it now to see if that covers anything like what happened to my iPod. Kind of doubt it though.

We still have to get a new diaper bag, a new calculator, and possibly a new nursing cover.

I'm just glad we were able to save the things that we did.

Oh, and later that night, Brentley said, "da da!" His first word!!! 


  1. Goodness girl that sounds rough.! I'm glad you were able to recover a majority of the things lost. And the cop was kind enough to help you. Hope you're enjoying you're new apartment.

  2. Girl. I am so sorry. Talk about a bad day. :/ Do you have your phone back? I text you twice today and was wondering why you didn't answer. Guess I know why now. My Mom said your electric and gas bill should about average out. But she said it is expensive to hook up.

    Stop by anytime. :)

  3. That sucks. We did that once to rented movies. Surprisely they worked fine! Haha! I did that to a phone and never did findit or any pieces:(
    I hope you guys are enjoying your new place. How are the babies doing with sharing a room?

  4. Erica, we really are enjoying it. Once we get it all set up you'll have to come over for a playdate :)

    Brittany, yeah, I finally have it back! That's good to hear! we cannot afford $120 gas bill on top of an electric bill.

    Jessika, lol I'm glad the movies worked. Sucks about the phone though :(
    They aren't really sharing yet. We have boxes everywhere, so we have all been sleeping in the living room until we get everything set up, but they will be soon.