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Sunday, March 11, 2012

When it rains, it pours.

You all know the whole, my diaper bag got run over story. Well, my computer quit working a couple of nights ago, so I had to get a new one, and then today we found out that we are $120 in the hole in Chris' bank account. We thought it was strange that we had that much money left over, but two different people told us that we did. And Chris' bank account is supposed to be set up, so that it declines if that money is not available. Well that didn't work either. I'm usually on top of the money, but all the extras we had when moving threw me off. We have the money to cover it, but that is going to take almost all of our savings between rent, deposits for the apartment, electric, and gas, the moving truck, having to buy a new phone, diaper bag, calculator, and computer, and now this. We are going to have about $80 left to make it until the next pay check. We've easily gone through $2000 in the last couple of weeks. It makes me sick just thinking about it.

Luckily we will be getting $500 back from our old place (the deposit), and we are supposed to be getting about $100 back from our electric deposit at our other place. So, that will out money back in our savings account. I hate not having money in there :( At least we have money to pay our bills every month though! And now we have this nice place, a brand new phone, diaper bag, and computer. So there is a bright side.

We are almost completely done setting up. I am going to do a post for each room. Kind of like a showcase I suppose lol. Those will be coming up soon :)


  1. O man I know the feeling. We are skating on thin ice until not the next check(this Friday) but the one 2 weeks after that. Ugh.....hate it.

    But a new computer and phone is awesome!!

    Can't wait to see pics!

  2. I can't wait to see pictures. Financial stress is really rough. I hope everything's well. Let me know if you need anything. <3

  3. I am sorry, girl. That sounds rough. :/ It's been like that fOr us before....too many times. Our computer just broke too...letters on the keyboard don't work and the mouse will only right click. (I am on Jessie's iPhone.) I am hoping Apple wiill fix our computer.

    Can I come over soon and see the place?

  4. Jessika, that sucks. Hope everything works out for you guys!

    Erica, okie dokie. I will :) Thanks for always being there!

    Brittany, that sucks about your computer! Is it still under warranty? And KI would say you are welcome to come anytime, but trust me, right now, you don't want to. Grace had a stomach bug, but we didn't know it was because she never acted sick or ran a fever. She just threw up a few times, so we thought something didn't agree with her. Then my sister got it with fever and not feeling good. Then Brentley got it two days ago. He never ran a fever, but he threw up a few times, and I could tell he didn't feel good. And now Chris has it, and he has it BAD :(

  5. Awe. Girl, I'm sorry. I hope everyone is better soon. :( Let me know how y'all are.