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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Grace has new friend :)

I forgot to mention this in my post about the nice weather, but Grace has a new friend. It's a funny story actually.
About a week ago, we went to eat at Pizza Hut. This guy and his adorable little girl walked in. The guy reminded Chris and me of a guy on a tv show that we both like.
Then we went to the park after we were done eating, and the guy and his little girl ended up coming to the park too. We noticed because we remembered how we were talking about him looking like the guy from the tv show.
Well, Grace and the little girl started playing. They played together really well. So, while they were playing, we ended up talking to her daddy. Chris asked him if he lived around the area, and he was like, "Yeah, we live up behind Sonic." Well, we live behind the Sonic too, so of course we were like, "Oh, so do we!" Ends up, they live in the same apartment complex as us! Lol. The little girl is almost exactly six months younger than Grace. She will be two just a few days after Grace will be two and a half, but she is really smart. She can talk really well, so her and Grace get along great.

We exchanged numbers intending to get together and let the girls play. Funny thing is, we have run into them at the park two more times since then. And today I got to meet the little girl's mom. She was so nice, and she was in love with Brentley lol.
They are young parents like us, so we have a lot in common. It's like we were all supposed to meet or something.
My little girl is already old enough to make friends! It's funny because she went up to her the minute she saw her and was like "Come on girl, lets go." It was so cute! And they haved played together great ever since.

The crazy thing is, Chris really likes the guy. Chris does not get along with very many guys. They either annoy him or make him mad. He just has that sort of personality for whatever reason, but he talks with this guy like they have known each other for years. Finally, someone good for Chris to be around that he doesn't automatically dislike!

I have a few pics of them together, but I don't want to post pics of her on here without making sure it's okay with her parents first. If I get an okay from them, then I will post them :)

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  1. That's awesome! ANd funny that you keep running into them. I remember you texting me about it the other day. :)