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Saturday, March 17, 2012

School is becoming more and more stressful :(

For starters, I am making a 79 in my American Lit class! I don't like the teacher at all. He never explains anything. He wants us to read two short stories and a poem between each class. That is just not possible for me! I have four other classes for one thing, and two kids. And over our spring BREAK he wanted us to read a 55 page story! Well, I lost one point off my grade because I didn't read it. I know that is my fault, but I still think it is ridiculous that he wanted us to read that much on what was supposed to be our break! And our first test cover about 16 works of American liturature... way too much content for one test!! I made an 80 on it, but losing that one point from not reading that story put me at a 79 :(
I still have two tests and a research paper that I can try to bring my grade up with. Hopefully I will.

And then, they just put up the class times for summer and fall. Well, the classes I need all conflict with each other or the are really far apart.. like one at 8am and another at 6pm. With how far away the school is, I cannot drive there and back twice everyday. We cannot afford it :( So, this leads me to thinking that I'm going to have to take two of them next spring, which then leads me to thinking I'm not going to take a summer class. I would be taking one summer class, two fall classes, then two spring classes. Makes more sense to take three in the fall and two in the spring. But either way, I will be a semester behind :(
I like the idea of having the summer completely free to spend with my family, but I don't know. I feel like I should be forcing myself to do the classes that are hours apart, so that I won't be a semester behind. What do you guys think?? Honest opinions please.

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  1. Ugh! I know that is hard.....idk if the gas is worth just one class in the summer but I know the feeling of getting behind and it stinks..