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Saturday, March 17, 2012

First room showcase: The kids' room!

Our set up has been stalled by the 24-hour bug that has been passing back and forth in our house, but I finally got one room completely set up!!

I have come to realize that my children are spoiled! Lol. But they are happy children :)

This is Grace's side of the room.
This is part of the middle that has both of their stuff.

These are the decorations on Grace's side of the room.

Some more decorations...

Think she has enough bows?? Lol!

Decorations on Brentley's side of the room.

And more decorations on Brentley's side.

Another decoration.

Brentley's side of the room (with Brentley playing lol).

A view of that whole wall.

And this is their closet...

Like I said, spoiled, lol.

Everything in the room has a place, which makes cleaning up so easy! I love it! What do you guys think??


  1. Awesome!!! They are spoiled but that's a good thing. It is all so neat and organized!!! I love it!!! Are they doing good sharing a room?

  2. It looks fantastic.!! wonder how long it'll stay that way with the two of them.! haha. good job.!

  3. also...where did you get the animal nets.?

  4. Jessika, they are doing pretty good, but that could be that Brentley still sleeps with us :p They don't mind all being in the same room though. I think they like having all the toys in one place lol.

    Erica, not very long. They destroy it pretty quickly, but the way I set it up makes it really easy to clean everything up :)
    I got the nets off of amazon when I was pregnant with Brentley. I think I searched "toy net" or something like.

  5. Wow looks great! Lots of stuff! Goodness. I didn't realiize how big the rooms were here until I looked at those pictures. N o wonder people are so shocked. Can"t wait to see it. I hope ya'll are all better now. Excuse my typing....havig computer problem.

  6. They are big! So much bigger, then where we were. Seriously, Brentley's room was 1/3 of that! We are all better now :) You guys are welcome to come over anytime :)

  7. Awesome . Maybe I will be able to some time this week. :) Thanks again for letting me use you as a reference. I will be helping out there once a week now. :)