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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Plans in the making...

There are two things coming up that I am really excited about.

The first is that my mom offered to watch the kids for us, so that Chris and I can go out one night. We decided that we are going to go out to eat and go see The Hunger Games. Neither one of us have read the books, but we both think it looks like a really good movie, so that's what we picked. I think we'll like it better not having read the books because the movies are never as good as the books, so we won't be let down lol. This will be the first time Chris and I have gone out by ourselves in over 7 months. It's about time!! Lol. We are going sometime after the first of April. Probably like the 6th.

And the other thing that's coming up is not until May, but I am really excited. I am going to take Grace to get her pictures done (we get them done every six months). I know, that doesn't sound very exciting. What's exciting about it is that I am taking her by myself. Chris is going to watch Brentley, so that Grace and I can have a mommy daughter day. This will be the first time since Brentley was born that it will just be Grace and me. We're going to get her pictures done, then go eat, and then (if it is nice out) I'm going to take her to the park. If it's not nice, we'll go do something. I don't know what, but I want to spend a good bit of time with her because it probably won't happen again for awhile. I miss being able to spend one on one time with her. Don't get me wrong, I love my baby boy to death, but I spend lots of one on one time with him because he goes pretty much everywhere with me. It's time for my little girl to have some uninterrupted mommy time.
And, let me just say... I cannot believe my little girl is going to be two and a half in May!! Wayyy toooo fastttt...


  1. AWE! Both of those sounds awesome! I am glad ya'll are going to get to go out!

    And a Mommy/Daughter day sounds great! It'll be good to have a day out for just her. I can imagine that it would be hard to go from having just her to having Brentley around all the time. And if ya'll start doing it on a regular basis I am sure that will make some special memories for both of you.

  2. Sounds exciting!! I hope y'all have fun!

    A mommy daughter day sounds awesome! I want to do a mommy and Kaedyn day before baby is born because he is always surrounded by girls:( he needs some time away from girls and us just go have fun. Drew wanted to do It also.

  3. For some reason my phone published the comment before I was done typing but yea he will probably take him somewhere to. We feel so ba that he is the only boy. 3 sisters is alot!!

  4. Brittany, I would like to start taking her out at least once a month just me and her. Even if it's just as simple as going to grab some dinner.

    Jessika, that means Kaedyn will make a great husband someday because he will understand girls lol.

  5. That sounds like a great idea. :) I take Sam out for special days even though it is always me and her. It is just something special for her to look back on. And a nice change to just playing at home.