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Monday, September 5, 2011

Ugg I hate this place!!

I cannot wait until our lease is up because we will be moving! We are renting, and in that agreement they are supposed to fix any problems. Not to long after we moved in we realized that both the front and back doors would leak whenever it rained hard. Water would come in and run everywhere if we didn't stop it. They insisted on just replacing the weather stripping over and over for months, which NEVER fixed it. We had to have a spot in the floor by our front door replaced because it was sinking in due to water damage (and it took them 2 months to do that). Then our wall, yes wall, in our bedroom started leaking!! After about a month they finally replaced the siding for that, and our room stopped getting flooded. Then just before Brentley was born they FINALLY came and replaced both of our doors, but left the trim off one door, and the wall paper got ripped because of it. It looks awful. They finally put the trim back on, but the wall paper is still ripped.

Now taking a step back.. a few months ago lightning struck our place and blew Chris' xbox. We assumed it was just a fluke of nature, saved up money for a new one. Then when the guy was replacing the doors we noticed something.. he had plugged his power saw into one of our outlets.. everytime he would run it our lights would get dim. Okay that's weird, but we didn't even connect it. Then just the other day we had a neighbor over. Our TV was on, but we weren't watching anything. It was just a blank screen. Well the screen flickered, and then the TV was just dead. We couldn't even get power to the TV. We took it to a repair shop to find out what is wrong, and he said a surge completely fried the motherboard??? What the heck?? Basically our 42" flat screen is just a giant piece of junk now! We knew then that something is wrong with the electrical stuff in our place. Then today our other 22" flat screen was acting weird. The screen would randomely go black, then come back on. We didn't know what to do. Then Chris was cooking dinner.. we had the TV, living room light, kitchen lighten, and kitchen fan on. When Chris turned the kitchen fan off it made the TV go black??? He did it again, and it did the same thing. I am terrified that our place is going to catch on fire because of all of this crazy crap!! We called, but since it's labor day they aren't open :(

Then to top it all off, get this! We thought the door problem was over, but no! It's been raining all day here, and water has been, once again, pouring under the back door. At least it's not coming under the front door, but it gets better! Apparently our "new" doors are NOT weatherproof! You can see water stains on the INSIDE of the door now, AND the doors are now swelling! You can barely open and close the front door now!

And yet it gets even better! I walked into Brentleys room to change him and saw something wet. I was about to murder the cat because I thought he had peed in the floor, but then I flipped the light on. There was water covering Brentley's floor!! Chris started looking for the camera to take pictures before we cleaned it up. By the time he found the camera the water was completely across Brentley's room and a foot out into the hallway!!! Omg, I am furious!!!

It wouldn't be a big deal if I could trust them to fix it quick, but I can't! I have no idea when they will come to fix any of it. Our place is either going to burn down or float away before they get their crap together, and we just have to keep giving them our money every month :( It's really getting ridiculous!
Sorry guys, I just needed to vent.


  1. Check your laws where you live, but here in Ohio if the landlord isn't doing their part by keeping your home safe then that is a lease violation on their part which gives you the right to leave.

    I know it would suck to have to find a new place to live with a baby that's almost 2 weeks old, but that sounds dangerous.

    When I was pregnant Brian and I owned a trailer and the electric on the back side of the house went out. So we didn't have electric in the kids room or bathroom. It was horrible and I couldn't wait to sell it and move out.

  2. Drew knows a lot about the electric stuff. He worked with his dad who was an electrician. What sounds like is happening is faulty wiring. Dangerous. But...and no offense to you....that happens a lot in trailers since they are cheaply made.
    But Kayelynns mom is right. It is the law down here you could move out.

    I feel you though. It has been raining down here and the playroom has turned into a swimming pool. Urg!!!!

  3. Oh, I would be furious too! That is more than $1,000 worth of stuff! That makes me mad just thinking about it!

    You can definitely break the lease since they are breaking there part. Just make sure to take lots of pictures and document EVERYTHING!

  4. A friend of mine had problems with her land lord and trailer during the heat wave. He woulnt come fix her air. So she stopped paying her rent and told them to either fix it or they weren't getting their money. So he kicked them out once they found somewhere else to live. So thats an idea. but since they arent doing their part i'd just move. That wiring stuff can be really dangerous. Just reading that makes me nervous lol Please be careful! I'd rather have legal drama for a while then loosing everything to flooding or worse a fire.

  5. yeah i would definitely get out of there. who knows what else is wrong u can usually bet that if there is a bunch of stuff wrong on the surface that underneath there is so much more. i would probably take him to court to, to make sure that he couldn't turn around and rent that place out to someone else.
    and document everything including when you call to have him fix it and what he does about it.