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Monday, September 26, 2011

Last couple of days were filled with fun :)

It started Saturday. We all went to eat with my dad.. normally Grace is a nightmare at restaurants. She tries to get out of her high chair, and throws a fit when we won't let her. Because of this, we had not gone out to eat at all since Brentley was born. Well, finally my dad convinced us, and it went great! Brentley slept the entire time we were there, and Grace did wonderful! She started trying to get out a couple of times, but we just told her no, and she sat back down. It was so nice to be able to enjoy a meal without having to fight with the babies.
Then, that night, Chris went to the movies with his cousin. She is one of my best friends, but I obviously can't go to the movies right now, so he went with her. While they were gone, Grace and I did some halloween crafts while Brentley was sleeping. We did ghost footprints, and I drew a pumpkin and let her paint it orange. She LOVES to paint!

The next day we went to Sami's birthday party. It was at a park, and Grace had a blast! I figured she would be trying to run off to play while Sami was opening presents and eating cake, but she waited patiently, and she was soooo excited when she finally got to go play.

She had so much fun :) Thank you for inviting us Brittany :)

Then today we took the babies to the Tennessee Aquarium with my mom, sister, and my sister's dad, plus my mom's friend, and her three kids. I think Grace was still a bit too young. When we were about half way through she got really tired and cranky. And also, right around that same time, Brentley woke up, so I had to carry him and feed him. I am now the master at walking and feeding, but let me tell you, even with everything completely covered, you would think I had seven heads or something. People were staring at me like I was a walking freak show. Oh well. I wasn't showing anything, and I am not going to starve my baby to please other people.
Anyway, at the end, Grace fell asleep on Chris. We all went to eat at TGI Fridays afterwards. Grace woke up just before we got there.. again, I was terrified that she was going to be a terror at the restaurant, but she amazed me yet again! Maybe she has finally outgrowing her restaurant antics!! She stayed in her high chair, and when the food came, she ate all of it! She has never done that before. She usually eats a couple of bites, and then starts throwing a fit to get up. I'm really hoping she keeps this up. We have been trying to get to this point for a long time, and I think she is finally old enough to understand us. I praised her for doing so well.
Picture time..

Brentley was asleep in the stroller at first, but he woke up, so I put him in the carrier, and he fell back to sleep.

Gracy and daddy in the center of the pirahna tank. (Yes, she is wearing the same shirt as the day before. I promise I washed it first. I just like it on her so much that I let her wear it again.)

Checking out the fish.

Checking out the otters.

Touching the snake.. no it's not real.

Touching the giant turtle shell.

In the center of the crab tank.

Brentley sleeping in the carrier.

He slept like this for two hours. He loves to be worn, and thank goodness because it would have killed my back if I would have had to carrying him that long.

Also, while I was searching for halloween crafts, I stumbled upon some other great craft ideas. We are on a tight budget this year for Christmas, so I decided to do homemade gifts for the extended family. I already made a pillow for my sister. Now I have decided that we are going to do dough ornaments and pipe cleaner/bead ornaments that Grace is going to help me make for the grandparents, and I am going to make marble magnets for the grandparents and my sister and brother.
The magnets are going to say "Grandpa" for my dad, "Grammy" for my mom, "Grandma" for Chris' mom, and of course "Cody" and "Cheyenne" for my brother and sister. Then for dough ornaments.. I am going to get Grace to help me cut them out with cookie cutters and have her paint them. For the pipe cleaner/bead ornaments I am going to do candy canes and possibly snowflakes if I have time.

***Editted to add: I just decided that I am doing gift baskets for the grandparents. Each grandparent will get a gift basket with a framed family Christmas picture of us, a dough ornament, a bead ornament, the marble magnets, and a hot chocolate mix cone (another neat idea I found). As I complete the crafts I will try to post directions and outcomes. And once I get the gift baskets together I will do a post about those as well. I know that this stuff may sound pricey, but it's really not. Especially compared to what we spent on each grandparent last year.


  1. Very cute pictures.
    my boys are the opposite they used to be really good when we went out now all of the sudden they are being complete terrors, i have no idea what happened.
    also neat ideas for Christmas :)

  2. I would Love to see how the baskets turn out. That is a good idea.

    Grace is getting to be a big girl! I told you! And it just gets better. Samantha goes to a restaurant now, sits in a normal seat, and has a normal conversation with us until the food comes. It's crazy!

  3. I thought you did wonderful yesterday! I did not notice anyone staring, but I wasn't watching for it either. It was so good to see all of you. You've got some mighty sweet babies! Grace did really well. She only got cranky because she was tired and hungry.

    When Jennifer was little we avoided sit-down restaurants because she would never stay seated. She was an escape artist when it came to her car seat too. I can't tell you the number of times I had to pull over and put her back in the car seat!

  4. Chrissy.. aww, I'm sorry. Hopefully it's just a phase. Also, do you lke to be called Chrissy or Christina? I know on your old blog it said Chrissy, but I see that this one says Christina.

    Brittany.. I'm excited about the gift baskets. I have come to realize that I really like doing homemade stuff. Hopefuuly it all turns out well.
    Hopefully Brentley will be good in restaurants, so we never have to worry about going to restaurants again :p

    Susan.. Thank you :) It was mostly when we were walking through the lobby to get back to you guys at the gift shop that I got the stares. There was a really big group of people in there sitting on the floor for whatever reason, so I guess they had nothing better to do than stare lol. Grace does really good in her car seat. Hopefully she never figures out how to eascape! ol. It was really good to see all of you too. It had been too long.

  5. Ha Ha. Good Luck with the restaurant thing. lol. Samantha wasn't terrible, but it wasn't a joy taking her either. Homemade stuff is very cute. I like to have Samantha do crafts for decoration.

  6. either is fine, but pretty much everyone calls me chrissy and my family calls me christi or christina. but i honestly dont mind so either just not christi lol.