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Thursday, September 29, 2011

No more babies for us..

I had my post-partum check-up today, and I had Paragard (an IUD) put in. It's hormone free, and lasts for up to ten years. I love that it is hormone free because my body did not react well to hormonal birth control. Plus, I don't have to worry about passing any of those artificial hormones to Brentley through my breastmilk. I also love that I don't have to do anything.. I was not so great at remembering to actually take the pill.
So far I really like it. I've been cramping a little, but supposedly that's normal, and should only last for a couple of days. As far as the IUD itself, I can't feel it at all, so I'm happy with that.

Also, I've lost 30 lbs since I had Brentley!!! And Brentley turned one month old on Monday. I am going to do a post about that, but I am waiting for his doctor's appointment. There was a mix up with his insurance, so we have to wait until we get that straightened out.


  1. Hi (: I was considering getting an IUD but i herd that after you have them taken out it can take up to a year to get pregnant again.. and I haven't decided if i want more babies or not... but in order to have more babies i actually have to have this one first lol. I herd about possible weight gain and completely x-ed out the IUD... Did it hurt when the doctor was.. errm... "installing" it?

  2. That's awesome! You scared me at first though because it said no more babies and you had a check up. I thought something was wrong. :(

    Sounds good though. I wish I felt comfortable with birth control. If I did, I would be on it, but I am too scared of how my body will react and it just doesn't make me feel comfortable.

    Awe. I can't believe he is a whole month! Already. So are you all adjusted to having him around?

  3. I don't blame you. If this doesn't work out for some reason I won't be on birth control either. I refuse to ever take hormonal birth control again, so this is pretty much my last option. Supposedly because there are no hormones the body is not supposed to react to it. I'm hoping that is true for me.

    I couldn't imagine life without him. It really wasn't even a huge adjustment. He just fit in so well from the start. It's crazy though, how much different a boy is from a girl. I love having a little boy though!

  4. Omg i thought the same thing. glad that is not the case.
    also that is awesome about the weight loss.

    and lol we had a mix up with Tristan's insurance...they thought he was a girl and they wouldn't pay for his circumcision. LOL. im just like one his name is Tristan lee...and two im pretty sure that they don't do female circumcisions in America.