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Monday, September 12, 2011

Halloween, Grace's birthday, and Christmas.

So this is my favorite time of the year! First we have Sami's party (I need to know what sort of stuff she wants for a present), then Halloween is just a little over a month away, then Grace's birthday, then Cayle's birthday (need some ideas for presents for him too), then Thanksgiving, then Christmas!!

I just need shoes for Grace's costume. I don't have a pic, but I have the tutu, leotard, and tights :)
Then this is the costume we are going to get for Brentley..

Grace's birthday:
I got her a Barney CD. Unfortunately she's now all about Elmo, but I think she will still like the CD (hopefully). I was going to do an Elmo themed party, but I may just do an ice cream theme. My mom did an ice cream bar for my sister's birthday, and I loved the idea. She had all sorts of toppings to pick from, and some cute decorations on the ice cream table that she said I could use. I'm thinking of going with neopolitan colors.. pink, white, and brown. I also found some adorable invites with an ice cream design. And then I found these adorable balloons on amazon..

What do you guys think??

And then for her other big present we are going to get her this..

She loves to help me clean (especially sweep), but she practically takes down the house with a full size broom. You have to duck and cover when she is "sweeping" lol. I'm think a child sized broom would be great for her! Plus she'll like the other stuff too. I think the pretend swiffer is adorable lol.
Now I just have to find the money for it all... Plus her birthday/their halloween pictures..

We have money saved up for their Christmas stuff, so I'm not really sweating it money wise.

We are going to get her this for sure..

And a helmet to go with it.

We also want to get her a small basketball hoop to hang on her wall (she loves them because she loves balls), and a pretty bow with her initial on it for sure. We would like to get her a portable DVD player if we can afford it.

We want to get him something like this for sure..

We also want to get him a children's Bible, a monogrammed blanket, and some personalized cups like Grace has for sure.

We also have to get Brentley a stocking, family Christmas pictures, a personalized family ornament, a first Christmas ornament for Brentley, and Grace's yearly ornament to follow our tradition.

I know I plan everything wayyyy too far in advance, but I kind of have to when we are on a tight budget. Plus I get excited when this time of year comes around! Lol.


  1. That cleaning set is the same thing i'm getting Kayelynn for Christmas. She has a childrens broom now that she's always sweeping with.

    I always do my Christmas planning around now. And I nowmally have my Christmas shopping done by halloween. Wrapping included. Lol. That way I don't have to worry about it later.

  2. Sounds great, all of it!

    Where to start...Halloween-Love the costumes!!!

    Birthdays-Love the gift ideas, and cute theme. :) Much cheaper than all that rediculous character stuff. And I Loved the ice cream thing your Mom did too. I can't wait now. ;p I think the cleaning set is a good idea. Like I said, Samantha has one, and she LOVES it. Hers has a little cart so she can push it around and likes to help when I do my monthly scrub down.

    I know what you mean about planning Christmas so early. I didn't expect to until after Samantha's birthday, but I came to a standstill on her birthday planning and got anxious because I Love this time of year too!

    Gaw, you gotta get so much to start Brentley out, the ornament, stocking and all. Jeez.

    Lastly, Samantha likes all kinds of stuff. She made a list for me this year. lol. The girl Smurf from McDonalds was at the top. I gotta order it off Amazon...Thanks for reminding me...She also said anything Strawberry Shortcake, Toy Story. Earrings. (We are supposed to be getting her ears pierced.) She also likes anything dance or singing related. (She is OBSESSED with dance.) And she just told me to tell you she wants soup for her birthday. lol. Or anything related to learning, reading, all that good stuff.

  3. Megan.. at first I read that as "that she is always sLeeping with." I was confused at first lol. Funny how they like to clean at this age when they don't really know how to clean, but once they are capable of cleaning they don't want to anymore :p

    Brittany.. It is a lot to get Brentley started out for Christmas, but it's so fun to pick everything out. I'm hoping Grace will pick out her own ornament this time :) But if not there is one at hallmark that we are going to get. Then I'll probably get Brentley's from that little ornament stand in the foodcourt at the mall that comes every year around Christmas. That's where we get our family ornament as well.

  4. Yah. That is where we get ours-our family, mine and Jessie's, and Samantha's. They are expensive, but I Love that place! I can't wait for Christmas now! Grace will probably pick hers out this year if you give her choices. I can't believe how much older she is getting. I still picture her as a baby. Even though I have seen her quite a few times since she has gotten older. lol.