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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Does this end soon?

Grace is apparently getting her two year molars.. She is constantly chewing on her fingers, and she has started drooling :( She doesn't really act like it hurts, and doesn't seem anymore fussy than usual, but it must be hurting her some or she wouldn't be chewing on her fingers.. I guess I need to invest in some more teething tablets..

My life is also about to get a bit more complicated.. Breastfeeding Brentley is going really well, and I don't want to have to give that up when I go back to school, so I am going to have to pump some. I talked to come of my cafemom buddies who have experience with this, and from what I can gather, I need to start pumping now. At least once a day and storing it (if frozen it stays good for six months). Then when he is about five weeks old I have to introduce the bottle. Apparently if I wait any longer than that he will probably not take well to the bottle because he will be so used to me. I will hopefully only have class two days a week when I start back, so he won't need that many bottles a week, but he's still going to need them. So from now on I am going to start pumping one time a day. Hopefully this will all work out because I really don't want to supplement formula if I don't have to. I want to breastfeed him as long as possible. I'm not sure if I will keep doing it after he turns one though.. Luckily he will be turning one right around the time I have to start taking six classes at a time (ahhhhh!) for the education program, so if I feel I can't keep it up after that, he will at least have been breastfed for a year. And I will have the whole summer right before he turns one to exculsively breastfeed him. Anyway.. wish me luck that this pumping thing works out!


  1. As far as Grace goes, teething tablets may work. We always used ice cream with Samantha and she didn't really seem to have many problems. It numbed her gums and we didn't have to use medicine-I hate using medicine.

    Sounds like they gave you good advice. GOod Luck! Hopefully you will get some good bottles that he will take, and least you will get to do it until he is 1. Six classes is crazy! But I am sure you can do it. How long after that will you be in school?

  2. Charleigh is getting in her molars. We really just only give her cold drinks. It never really seems to pain her to much though. There are times like last night she will whine about her teeth hurting but thats about it. Im like Brittany I dont like to use medicine...unless in if i cant break a fever on my own.

    That sounds about right with Brentley. I never breast fed but in classes we learn about this kinda stuff. School was one reason I decided not to. Its very hard. I hope you find what works!!

  3. Brittany, I used those all natural teething tablets for Grace, so it's not actually meds, but I would still rather try something like ice cream or drinks first. We have some popsicles, so maybe I'll try that, and see if it works.
    And once I start taking six classes at a time I will have four semesters left.

    Jessika, I don't really like to use meds either. The teething tablets I used when Grace was little were all natural, but I think I'll try some cold things first. Right now I'm driving myself crazy about vaccines. I'm terrified one of them is going to have some sort of reaction to something they didn't HAVE to have, you know? But I don't want them to not be vaccinated either.. ugg, being a parent is difficult lol.