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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Brentley awake and alert.

He's 3 weeks and two days old now. No one warned me that time flies even faster with your second baby. Just a week from tomorrow he will be 1 month old already :( He already has his own little personal traits.. like he likes to put his arm over his face when he's falling asleep, he likes to hold my hair, and he smiles when he passes gas lol.

He is now awake and alert more, and holds his head up really well. Just wanted to share this video with everyone :)


  1. Look at him!!! So CUTE!!! I love his chucky cheeks!!he is doing soooo good!! I cant believe it has been 3 weeks.
    It funny that you said how much faster the secong one is. Drew and I were talking about that yesterday. We were in our room at church and was trying to remember when Charleigh was in it. It seems like it was yesterday. And then i said how it really seems like it was yesterday when we first brought Ellanoa it church when she was a couple days old. And here she is almost 9 months!!!Too FAST!!
    Haha!! When he passes gas!! What a boy!!
    And Kaedyn liked to hold my hair too. He still does when he asked to be rocked or held(mostly if he doesnt feel well) He will hold it and rub it.

  2. Lol he does have some chunky cheeks. I call them his chipmunk cheeks lol.
    I can't believe how much faster it's going with him than it did with Grace!! It's just crazy!