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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Back to work.

So, yesterday was my first day back at work. I work at a speedway one day a week (Friday) selling tickets. All I do the whole time is sit, take people's money, and hand them tickets. The lady I work with said I could bring Brentley with me (she is the manager's step-daughter). I was a little apprehensive to bring him, but it was either bring him or not go because I haven't started pumping any. He feeds exculsively from me. And I really need the money to get everything together for Grace's party. So, I went and I took Brentley with me. It actually went very well. He woke up when we got there, so I fed him. I was covered, so most people didn't even know what I was doing. I even had one man ask if he could see him, and I was like, "Well, he's eating." With the look on that man's face you would have thought I punched him in the face or something lol.
He fell asleep after he ate and slept for about 3 hours, which was right through the busiest part of the night. He woke up again, so I fed him, and he fell back to sleep until we left. It could not have went better. The good thing is that it is only open until the end of Oct. so he will still be little (and mostly sleeping) when it closes and I can keep taking him all the way until we close. Then when it opens in March I will be able to leave him with Chris.

Most of our customers come every week, so most of them know me, and were excited to see the baby, but the weird thing was, I had five different people tell me they didn't even know I was pregnant??? Seriously? I was HUGE! Lol. I just cannot figure out how they missed that. Maybe they just thought I was fat, but even I know I looked pregnant. Maybe they are just really not observant or something lol.

Anyway.. so today I went to Dollar Tree and got plates, cups, table clothes, spoons, and napkins for Grace's party. I am aso fixing to order her balloon and Brentley's costume off of amazon. Unfortunately, Dollar Tree didn't have brown decorations and didn't have plastic bowls. I'm going to have to go to Party City to get brown plates, cups, bowls, latex balloons, and table cloths, plus pink and white bowls and latex balloons. Plus I need the stuff for goody bags. I'm going to do bubbles, stickers, gummies, crackers, and possibly more. Not sure yet.
I'm also going to have a custom shirt made for her. It's going to have a big 2 in the center and above that it will say "Grace is" so all together it will say "Grace is 2." This shirt is going to be pink and the 2 is going to have colors to match the theme (pink, brown, and white). I can't wait to get this!
My dad is looking into getting us the building that his church owns to use for her party. If he does it will be free, so that is always good :) I'm still a long way off from being done, but at least I have officially gotten started because it's just a month and 12 days until her party!


  1. That's great! I definitely don't see how they couldn't tell you were pregnant! Maybe because you are sitting? Idk.

    Glad to hear her party plans are coming along. The shirt sounds adorable! I Love custom clothing. :)

  2. Lol idk.. those last couple of weeks it looked like I had a watermelon in my lap when I sat down.

    I'm excited about her shirt. I just hope it looks as good as I have envisioned it.