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Thursday, September 1, 2011


There is no way Brentley is going to be one week old tomorrow?? I swear I just gave birth an hour ago lol.
He had his one week check up today (no idea why they sceduled it a day early, but no big deal). He already weighs 10lbs 6ozs and is 22 inches long! What can I say, the boy loves to eat! Lol. He is slightly jaundiced, but the doctor said it's not serious enough to get him a light. We just have to keep him near an open window during the day to get him some sun light. I also noticed that he has a red ring around his left eyeball. The doctor said that it's a busted blood vessel (probably from going through the birthing process), and that it will heal itself up. So all in all he is a healthy little man :)

Oh and let me tell you what the little guy did to me today.. I'm filling out the papers for him at the doctor and he is sleeping in his car seat. He started making the horrid newborn poop noises, but I wasn't too worried because with him it usually sounds worse than it is.. well, not this time! He had a poo-explosion! It was all over him, all over the support in his car seat, and even soaked through to the car seat itself! It literally took me 10 minutes just to get him cleaned up. The outfit he was wearing had to be pulled over his head, so it got everywhere :( Then I am just about to put his diaper on, and he starts peeing! Lol. So then I had to clean him up again. Then I had to clean up his car seat. We were literally in the bathroom for 25 minutes LOL. I think his outfit *might* be salvagable. I washed it out with Dawn and then let it soak, so we'll see lol.

And last thing.. I am going to admit how much I weigh here..
So when I got pregnant I was 165 lbs.. In my first trimester I dropped down to 153 lbs. Just before Brentley was born I was up to 178 lbs (yikes!). I figured I would be bigger than I ever was before after he was born. But obviously I lost 10 lbs right off the bat because of my little chunker lol, so I finally got up the courage to weigh myself today think I'd probably be around 165 again.. Well guess what, I'm at 156 lbs!! Already lower than what I was when I got pregnant, and only 3 lbs away from lowest weight in my pregnancy and it's only been 6 days!! I'm very happy about that! I'd still like to lose more though.. I want to be back where I was before I had Grace (about 145 lbs). We'll see though. I'm really going to work at it this time.

***I just wanted to say, I know it seems like I am online a lot, but I promise I am not neglecting my babies. When I'm breastfeeding I can't really do much else, but sit and wait for him to finish, so I play on the computer to keep myself entertained lol.***


  1. So glad he is doing good!!! He sounds so much like my Kaedyn Bug!!! Though Brentley was 1 pound bigger at birth Kaedyn weighed 10lbs at 3 days old!!! He was also jaundice and had to be near a window. We also took him outside in like 5 minute intervals but he was under a light at birth. It is pretty common with heavier babies and boy babies!
    Haha!!! Gotta love those moments!!! I have had my share!!! O I was wondering amd sorry if to personal....did he get circumcised or did you decide not to? I remember you saying you werent but I know plans change at times?
    That is awesome about your weight!!! I don't really loose right after because during a csection air gets in and makes you really bloated...extremely painful!!! But by 2 - 4 weeks I'm down to my normal:) aim 128. I check my weight religiously:(
    And I know you aren't. I'm online and I have 3... No problem:)

  2. Our boys like to eat! Lol.
    And he is still intact :) Chris and I decided on it together and we stuck to it. My mom was for circ'ing him, but supports our decision. Chris' mom thinks it's weird, my grandmother about flipped when we told her, and my aunt was trying to convince us to change our minds. They are all from the era where circ'ing was the norm. None of them have researched it now, but it kind of annoys me that they want to try to tell us we are wrong when they haven't researched it. Weird thing was my dad supported us leaving him intact. My dad rarely supports our decisions, but he had been researching it some and agreed with us.

    As far as the weight.. I wish I could check more often, but our scale is whacked out. It is like 20 lbs off! I got to check my weight at Brentley's doctor because I know the nurse lol.

  3. A week already? DANG! I cried when Samantha turned 6 weeks. It was just too much for me.

    Ah...Don't you miss those "baby moments." lol.

    That's awesome! Congrats! Ha Ha. I bet you can get back down to your goal. Breastfeeding helps too!

    I believe you aren't neglecting him. I am online a lot too, but that is because I take those opportune moments where she is asleep or doesn't want to play with me or something, and I log onto Blogger. :)

    YAY! I don't blame you! Stick to what you want. That is so great you did what you wanted this time and didn't worry about anybody else. YOU and Chris are the one who conceived him...I assume Chris...kidding. lol And YOU are the one who had him. So it should be ya'lls choice.

  4. He's now officially one week old. It makes me sad :(

    I just hope we made the right decision. I'm terrified that Brentley is going to resent us one day for not just having it done when he was a baby. I still think it was the best choice for him though.