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Wednesday, September 7, 2011


I figured that the transition from one child to two children would be extremely hard. I had every worst case senario in my head.. Grace was going to hate me, start acting terrible, try to hurt the baby, etc. etc. Chris wasn't going to help anymore than he did before. I wasn't going to be able to keep the house clean. Never going to be able to leave the house.. Everything was just going to be horrible in my head, but amazingly it's not!!

Chris has been amazing. He gets up with Grace at night, helps me clean (not a lot, but more than he did before, so I'll take it lol), changes Grace's diapers, and pretty much gets whatever she needs like drinks or food, he doesn't stay on his game all day and will actually ask me before he gets on it, sometimes cooks dinner, and the best thing is that he has been so sweet. He usually has a short temper. He has it under control, but I figured adding another baby to the mix might bring out the bad in him again, but it hasn't. He has really grown up since Grace was a newborn :)

And with Grace, she really is doing great! She loves her little brother and it is just precious! She can't say brother or Brentley yet, but she calls him "baby" lol. She would never say baby before I had him, but now she says it :) She loves to give him hugs and kisses, pat him, tickle him, cover him up, try to feed him her food and drinks (lol), and even hold him. I helped her hold him the other day, and ever since then she will come up to me, hold out her hands opening and closing them, and then pat her chest. It is so cute!! I try not to let her hold him too much though because she doesn't really understand how to be gentle yet. She tries to squeeze him. The only thing she is not good at is being quiet. If I get him to lay down on his own she usually wakes him up being loud, but I can live with that.

And Brentley is a really good baby. He only cries if he's hungry or when he's getting his diaper changed. This kid HATES having his diaper changed! He screams bloody murder the whole time. It's not a big deal though because he stops crying as soon as I pick him up. He's a champ at eating, however he does prefer my left breast to my right breast so it takes him twice as long to eat on the right because he fights it. And one good thing is he actually likes to be covered while eating, so feeding him in public is a breeze. He's a good sleeper too. If Grace doesn't wake him up I can get him to sleep on his boppy for about 2 hours, which gives me time to pick up the house and spend time with Grace. And at night he usually sleeps at least 4 hours at a time. Last night he slept for 7 hours straight!! It was so nice to get that much sleep! On bad thing is that if he's awake he has to be in my arms.. he'll let Chris hold him for maybe 15 minutes, and you can forget about me putting him in his bouncer/swing. He'll sit there for about a minute and then start crying lol. At least I can get him to sleep in his boppy or I'd never get anything done. (And yes, I know it says not to let them sleep in it, but he only does it during the day where I can watch him).

The only thing that is not going so great is cooking. It's like Brentley has a radar for it. Anytime I even think about cooking he wakes up. Hopefully that will get easier as time goes on.

All in all I feel like my life is perfect. I never realized how amazing it would feel to have my family complete. I am so glad I got pregnant with Brentley when I did. I always wanted my kids about two years apart, but we were going to wait until I got out of college. God had different plans for us though, and he is never wrong. He knew what my heart truly desired.


  1. That is awesome, girl! I am so happy things are going great for you! I knew Grace would be a great big sister! And it is great they are so close in age. They will probably be close growing up.

    As far as the Boppy goes, we always let Samantha sleep on hers, even at night. From newborn up until now. She can't sleep without that thing. She Loves it, and it really helped when she was congested when she was little.

  2. im so glad that things are going so good for you all :)
    my favorite thing about having a newborn is when they fall asleep on me, one of the best feelings. its actually one of the things i miss the most :(

  3. Thanks guys :)

    I honestly break a lot of the "sleeping rules." He sleeps on my chest a lot or right beside me. I can't get him to sleep on his own at night for more than two hours, but if he's with me he sleeps for at least 4 hours at a time. Plus co-sleeping makes breastfeeding a lot easier.