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Friday, September 9, 2011

Aiming to get healthy..

As I said before I am already below what I was before I got pregnant. I can wear my pants that I haven't been able to wear since before I had Grace. That is a major accomplishment for me, but I still want to lose more. I need to lose 17 lbs for me to be in a healthy weight range, so I made it my goal to lose 20 lbs. This seems impossible to me because I haven't been that weight since I was a sophomore in high school (4 years ago), but I'm going to work at it. Chris wants to lose weight as well. He says he wants to lose 50 lbs. I really don't think he needs to lose that much, but whatever makes him happy. According to the BMI index he needs to lose about 35lbs to be in the healthy weight range, but I know that BMI does not take into account muscle, and he has quite a bit of muscle in his arms and legs. I think he would be fine if he lost about 30lbs. I have no problem with him the way he is now, but I do want him to be happy with himself.

Anyway.. my first step to getting healthier is to replace all unhealthy snacks with healthy snacks. This will benefit our whole family.. even Brentley because he gets whatever I eat. Only problem is, Chris and Grace are picky :( I have been trying out different healthier snacks on Grace and I have discovered that she likes grapes, apples, pretzels, ranch Wheat Thins, strawberry granola bars, bagels, fat free yogurt, peanut butter, low fat cheese sticks, plain Cheerios, and chocolate covered raisins (okay those aren't really healthy, but we get the dark chocolate kind, and I figure it's better than a candy bar). The next thing I want to try is some sort of unsalted nut (I hate nuts, but it's worth a shot).

Is there anything else you guys can think of that would be a healthy snack to try?? Grace will not eat any fruits besides apples and purple grapes and occasionally strawberries, and she will not eat any vegetables.

For Chris and me, we have decided we are no longer going to have coke/pepsi products in our house.. from now on it's milk, water, juice, or flavored water (since Chris doesn't like regular water). I also know that making more meals from scratch will be much healthier.. I just have to get used to doing that with the new baby. I'm trying to get him on a schedule where he sleeps around dinner time, but I still think he has a radar for me wanting to cook lol. One good thing is we don't have the money to eat out a lot, so we don't have to worry about eating too much fast food or anything.
Any other tips would be greatly appreciated :)

Also, side notes:
*Brentley is two weeks old today!
*I got all of Grace's halloween costume except the shoes - good thing! Grace can officially reach and unlock our dead bolt - bad thing! Time to baby proof the door!


  1. seems like a good plan so far, we have tried doing the healthy and organic thing but it was hard to stick with i guess cause we went right back. but we need to cut the soda cause we drink alot of it.
    good luck! :)

  2. Sounds good! You mentioned being healthy in general. Jessie and I just go to the gym and take our vitamins. We feel 110% different when we do those two things.

    As far as food goes, we don't keep junk in the house either. Samantha's snacks are mandarin oranges, bananas, whales-aka generic Goldfish. :p Vanilla Wafers, Vegetable crackers, "Ritz Crackers", PB and Cheese Crackers, and Animal Crackers.
    Her lunches are soups, noodles, PB sandwiches, chicken nuggets, pot pie.
    I don't really snack. But if I do, it is usually something like chips. I just portion it out, mostly because I don't want to run out and have to go get more for his lunches. And Jessie likes to cook fish he catches on the George Forman grill if he gets hungry before meals. (Its free, and I don't have to touch it. We don't have it for meals because I can't even stand the site of fish.) Or he has a sandwich. Ice Cream can also be healthy, as long as you don't do it all the time.

    Sorry we aren't really the healthiest people, but we aren't unhealthy either. I make some meals from scratch, but not too much from scratch. I was making everything right down to the dough for the pizza or the bread for the garlic toast, but it started to cost too much-more than just buying a loaf of bread, and it was very time consuming. So now I make things from scratch-part way. Or I will try a new recipe. That way it isn't all from a box. The only thing we eat from a box is hamburger helper because it's YUMMY!

    As far as drinks go we do milk for Samantha, sometimes we have some. Then juice if it isn't too expensive-which means, if we don't go to Ingles. And water. I keep a pitcher of cold tap water in the refrigerator, and Jessie sometimes like to get tea, green tea, ice tea, raspberry tea...There are a million types. It is the cheap brand next to the flavored water at WalMart.

    Two weeks, Dang. And I bet you already can't picture life without him. ;)
    I wanna see pics of her in her costume. What are ya'll doing for Halloween? Ya. Samantha has even figured out the child lock, but nobody else can, except me. Not even Jessie.

  3. Yea I want to at least have healthy snacks in the house for Grace because I don't want her to end up being overweight. I do not want her to struggle with that.

    The soda is major thing for us. Chris and I both love it, but it's so bad for us lol. We decided we won't have it in the house, but on the rare occasion that we do go out to eat we can have it then.

    What kind of vitamins do you guys take Brittany?

    I don't do breads from scratch. I'm not good at it lol. I like to do things with meats though.. like chili from scratch, bbq chicken, etc.
    I do like the ones like hamburger where you add your own meats, but I don't like the ones that come with meat.. like chicken in a can or something.. eww lol.

    I can't believe he is two weeks already! I seriously don't know what we have done in the past two weeks because it feels like two days lol. His cord fell off today :( It's seriously too fast!
    I'll def take lots of halloween pics. I'm not sure what we are going to do. Probably go to trunk or treats. I know of 3 good ones that they have every year around here. There's one HUGE one in harrison, but it literally takes all night to go through, so we'll probably just stick to the three around here.

  4. If you want to drink soda you can do the clear kind. Like instead of drinking Coke I drink sprite or sierra mist. The Thrive diet approves lol It doesn't have the extra sugar from the coloring and stuff in it. So thats something you can try for the drinking part. I eat whatever I want just in moderation, and I rarely eat sweets. I don't think you have to eat fruits and vegetables just to see results, but it's whatever works for your body. You just have to find that balance. :)