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Monday, May 31, 2010

Summer is here :)

Hopefully once it sinks in that this really is summer and not just another weekend some of my stress will disappear. Saturday we took Grace to 1890's Day. It's a little festival my town has every year to commemorate when the town was founded. There's music, kids rides, food, a parade, craft booths, raffles, and fireworks.. stuff like that. We took Grace to see her first parade, which I wasn't really sure what she would think, but she seemed to like it. We walked around for awhile and looked at all the stuff. I was hoping that I would find someone who made bows for babies, so I could get some cute ones for Grace, but I didn't.. oh well. We got some food.. it's just not a fair unless you get the food there. Grace ate applesauce and crackers though. After we ate we headed home with the intentions of going back to see the fireworks. On our way to the car we stopped and asked a woman at the information booth what time the fireworks would start and she told us 10:30. Well at 9:30 we heard something that suspiciously sounded like fireworks, so we walked out on the front porch and it was. The lady didn't know what she was talking about. We just hopped in the car and drove down the street where we could see them better. Grace was amazed at the colors, and the loud noise didn't bother her at all. It never does.

Then today Grace and I went to a cookout at Morgan's house. I'm not sure if I've talked about her son before or not, but his name is Christian and he was born about two months before Grace. They are about at the same developmental stage, except Grace can crawl and he can't, but grace still loves playing with him. They are just adorable to watch.. they babble back and forth, steal each others toys, and try to grab each other. At one point today Grace had turned with her back to Christian and he reached up and grab the back of her dress and pulled her down into his lap. He looked so proud and she looked incredibly annoyed. Grace was doing her best to show off, she would clap, smile, crawl, and she even pulled up on their little coffee table. She had so much fun there. She just adores playing with Christian.

Oh and just a side note.. I am extremely curious as to when the last study one teen pregnancy/parenting was done because at graduation there were 8 other teen moms besides me and 4 pregnant girls who graduated, and only 3 girls out of our class who were pregnant dropped out. That's way less than the 70% of teen moms who supposedly drop out of high school, even if you don't count the pregnant girls that's still only 3 out of 12 drop outs. It would have to be 6 out of 12 just to be 50%. I understand that it may be different in other areas, but our school has one of the top teen pregnancy rates in the state, and Georgia is in the top ten states with high teen pregnancy rates, so it seems that our school would be a pretty good representation. That's why I would like to see a recent study because the most recent one I could find was done in 1994.. a lot can change in a decade, let alone 16 years.

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