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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

If you are not a teen mom you just can't understand.

Monday was the senior awards ceremony at my school. I received an award for excellence in my Algebra 3 class, and a medal for the Early Childhood Education career strand. After the ceremony was over Grace and I were invited to go eat with 10 of my friends from school. Grace had napped on the way there, but she got woke up and she was not happy. She was acting the worst she had ever acted in public, but she was just so tired she couldn't help it. When we were leaving a girl who is supposedly my friend told me that another girl who is supposedly my friend texted a girl across the table and said "why would you bring your whinny b*itch a** baby to eat with your friends?" and I did hear the girl say "That's mean" across the table back to her, but at the time I had no clue. I was extremely offended and angry when I heard this, how could anyone talk about a baby like that, and then for it to be my baby.. I was outraged! I kept saying "I think I'm going to say something to her." and the girl who told me kept saying "well you don't have any way to prove it so I wouldn't." Later when I got home I texted her and said "I don't appreciate me or my baby being talked about." and she replied saying that she didn't say anything bad about us, just that she didn't understand why someone would bring there baby on one of the last times they were going to get to hang out with their friends. I am not really sure who to believe. Either way one of my supposed friends is lying to me. Regardless of that, this experience shows just how much people don't understand what being a teen mom is like. I brought her because I am her mother and I want to spend every moment with her that I can. I have missed enough of her life through my school, and I have four years of college ahead of me. I brought her because I would rather miss out on a few laugh with my friends instead of possibly missing out on a major milestone, or just even a beautiful little smile. I brought her with me because I created her and she is my responsibility, not my mothers, a day cares, or a babysitters. I guess these people will not understand this until they have children of their own.

Speaking of milestones.. Grace got her first two teeth. The right, front, bottom tooth came in first on May 14th, 2010, and her left, front, bottom tooth came in second on May 22nd, 2010. And then just today she started clapping for the first time. She just did it by herself, and now every time she gets excited or I say "clap Grace!" she does it. It is adorable! And then just a few minutes ago she took off crawling across the kitchen! It is still a little uncoordinated, but she did it, and she hasn't stopped since. She is learning so fast!!

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  1. You brought her because she's your child and therefore the most important person in your life. Non-parents don't necessarily understand that it's more important to be a great parent than a perfect friend. I'm sorry your having issues with your friends, but as cliched as it sounds, there are people out there who do understand and who are worth more than those who will be cruel to you or your daughter.

    And congratulations to Grace for the clapping, crawling, and teeth!