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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Time to celebrate!!!

I am officially a high school graduate!! And I believe that all the stuff that happened in the last two days happened so that I was ready to leave because let me tell you, if they would have actually given us a diploma when we walked across the stage I would have walked across and just kept on going to the car. I am pretty sure that is probably why they hold them until after.
My principal told my dad and my grandmother in two separate conversations that they were not going to call out anyone's names and that everyone would be sitting in alphabetical order so that it was fair to everyone, and then what do they do? Yes they do put the honor students in alphabetical order, but not with the rest of the class.. they them just the honor students in their own alphabetical order on the front two rows and the rest of us in our own alphabetical order.. which that is not that bad they are honor students (however, Brittany I am pretty sure you are the only one I will ever be willing to speak to again), and then they begin to call out the honor students by order of rank and when they get to the tenth one the announcer says verbatim "These are the top ten students of the class of 2010." Not "the top ten HONOR students" just "THE top ten." Which is a blatant lie. I am sixth in the class and one of my friends was ninth, but she didn't have enough credits either. They intentionally left us out I guess in order to save themselves from embarrassment.. it is ridiculous, and on top of that for a person in a principals position to lie to get someones family to be quiet is just unethical and immature. My dad confronted her about it and she told him that he would have to take it up with the school board and she "was done talking with him." Which my dad and my grandmother are already planning to attend the next school board meeting. And then after graduation they couldn't find my diploma or Brittany's.. just ours.. the lady acted like I wasn't graduating because of it, then she found mine in another pile where it wasn't supposed to be. Unfortunately they didn't find Brittany's :(

And also at practice yesterday morning I was the one being blamed for everyone having to sit in alphabetical order. People were saying things like "Because she cried she got her way." No, I cried because I do not have a lot in life.. I am not the prettiest girl or the most popular, my family does not have a lot of money.. all I have is my ability to be a good mother, which no one at the school sees, and then my intelligence and what I had to show for my intelligence was ripped away from me. They were trying to act like because I wasn't an honor student I took all "easy classes." The only elective I ever took were nursing classes, which let me tell you are not easy, and early childhood education classes, which are not easy either, and everything else I took were core or honors classes. I even took an honors class on homebound. I had to teach myself with a new born baby to tend to, and I made a 97 in that class. In fact I made an A in every class I had while I was one homebound. Not many people can do that.
And then a girl who had a baby walked across the stage at practice and a girl in front of me said "didn't she have a baby." and the guy in front of her turned around and said "yea." and she goes "I can't even keep up with them anymore." and the guy turns back around and says "yea like ten of them exploded at once." and the girl laughed when he said that. To me that is very offensive and degrading.

Aside from all that my party was really fun! Got to see some family that I don't get to see a lot, and had a lot of fun catching up with everyone.
Also got over $450 dollars, and my grandmother gave me a beautiful ring that was hers. It has a gold band and a bunch of diamonds in the shape of a star. I love it, and I think that is the best gift I got. I have always wanted a "family ring" but I never thought she had any left. I just love it :)


  1. Teenagers our age are immature. They can't understand our life at all.

  2. That is great about your party. I know what you mean though about just having intelligence and the ability to be a Mom. Those aren't bad qualities though. I would rather those than any of the others. I just hate that nobody at school recognizes that being a good Mom is possible for a teenager. All they focus on is that you "shouldn't have had a baby so young."

  3. At my graduation in 08 the top 10 were called out and the the honor students got to go next all had special sashes. There were 2 honor students not in the group though they both graduated with honors and distinctions. Those 2 people were me and my husband. It sucked so bad. But I just kept thinking about my baby boy up in the stands. I was so glad he was there for us. And I know what your talking about while being homebound. I was homebound since I was 7 months because the dr thought he was going to come early and that I needed to take it easy. When he was born I remember having to write a term paper holding him and taking my finals with him propped up on my lap fussing because he was hungry and the trying to feed him and take them. I had to stop to burp him a couple times and the test were timed. I know it is hard. People think o shes so lucky that she gets to do her work at home. But it isnt easy you basically have to teach your self.