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Saturday, May 8, 2010

My fiance :)

Our relationship is growing so much. We had a rough patch after his grandfather died because his grief came out as anger. That is just the way he has always handled things like this. As a matter of fact I knew it would be tough on us after he died because I knew how he would react, but we are finally back to normal.. better than normal actually! We had a long talk a couple of weeks ago, and things have been getting better ever since! He has been so sweet lately. He tells me he loves me and kisses me every night before we go to bed. He asks me how my day went or how I'm feeling. He is being such an amazing, loving father. It is awesome to see! But the best thing happened Thursday.. Chris has never been a spontaneous when it comes to our relationship, but on Thursday he had been at his moms house all day, and he called me and he told me to get Grace and me ready to go, and he wouldn't tell me where we were going. We drove to his mom's house and he had already arranged for her to watch Grace. After we dropped her off he took me to the movies. It was so nice of him. Of course we both missed Grace though, so after the movie was over we went and picked her up, and he took us to dinner at Olive Garden, which is my favorite restaurant. We usually go to fast food restaurants, so it was really nice of him to take us there! It was just a nice day all around. I had a great time!

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