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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Class Night.

So Thursday was my official last day of high school. It was kind of a sad time, but kind of a happy time as well. Yesterday was class night, and like I said before I knew I was getting one scholarship, but to my surprise I got another one as well.It was the Johnny O'Keefe Memorial Scholarship. Honestly it was one of the first ones I turned in, and I don't remember what the essay was about, but it is for $1000! So I got $1500 all together. I thought that was pretty awesome until they announced that our Valedictorian got a $219,000 scholarship to Harvard! Holy Cow!!!!!!! She is amazingly smart, but I never realized just how smart she was.
However, I am still happy with the amount I received. It will help me out very much, and anything is better than nothing! I'm excited about the rest of the week. The only thing I'm not excited about is Grace's six month check up.. she has to get more immunizations :(
The rest of the week will be amazing though!

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  1. If it makes you feel any better, Harvard gives a full ride to everyone they accept whose parents make less than 40k. They only give need-based scholarships since everyone they accept is pretty much equally deserving of merit scholarships. But still, getting into Harvard itself is very impressive.

    Good job with your own scholarships! It always makes me happy to see teen moms getting out there and achieving their goals.