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Saturday, May 8, 2010

My next baby..

I have determined when I want to have another baby. Chris and I took Grace and my sister, Cheyenne, to the store to pick out a present for our mother for mother's day. Cheyenne is four years old, and I figured it would be hard to handle two kids.. especially my sister because she can be rather bratty sometimes. We went to the store and she stayed right with me while I pushed Grace in her stroller. We picked out what we wanted for our mom and left with no problem. Then Chris took us to eat. I figured that would be chaotic, but Cheyenne fed herself while we tended to Grace.. she got up a couple of times, but we just told her to sit down and eat and all was fine. Then we dropped Chris off at his friends house and I took Grace and Cheyenne to the park.On the way to the park Grace started crying and Cheyenne held her bottle in her mouth for her so she would be happy. When we got to the park Cheyenne ran and played with whoever she could find while Grace and I sat on the side and watched. Also Cheyenne can go to the potty on her own, which my philosophy has always been that I will not have another child until the first one was out of diapers. And also if I wait until Grace is four to have another one I will be out of college, which works out perfectly!
I just loved how Cheyenne could do things for herself, and I could tend to Grace. And Cheyenne is at the age where she can help out with Grace. I wanted to wait to have another one until I was out of college, but I was afraid that would be too much of an age difference.. now I see that if I have another one right around the time I get out of college it will be perfect timing.
Chris and I both want a boy, but we will be happy with whatever God gives us :)

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  1. boys are a lot of fun. just think when she's sixteen and he's 12 he'll drive her crazy. it'll be funn. haha. your plan seems to be legit. and i support you completely.