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Sunday, December 11, 2011

A trip to the Creative Discovery Museum, plus some Christmas :)

On Thursday we went to the Creative Discovery Museum with Brittany, Sami, and Brennon. So ummm yeah... I definitely hit a car when we were parking. I wasn't even pushing the gas, just kind of coasting into the spot, so we weren't going fast at all, and no one was hurt. The other car didn't even have anyone in it. I've never really been in a wreck of any kind, so I was freaking out. I called the police and reported it. The guy ended up not wanting to file it. All I did was leave some paint marks on his bumper, and he texted me the next morning thanking me for reporting it, telling me that he had already gotten the paint off, and wishing me a happy holiday. He was very kind, thank goodness! And thank-you Brittany for helping me with Grace through all of that!!!

After all that fun (lol), we finally got to go to the museum...

After that, we went to eat, and I got some more cute pics :)

It was a very fun day, but man was I tired when we got home!

And as for Christmas, we are going to put our tree up tomorrow. I got a lot of present wrapping done today.

Thirty-four presents have been wrapped! I still have seven more to wrap, three of which are bigger than any of the presents seen here. I also have the three gift baskets to finish, along with five stockings to put together.
Of the presents above, one is my mom's, one is my sister's, and three are Chris'. The rest are for Grace and Brentley, and five of the seven left to wrap are for Grace and Brentley as well. And that is not including their stocking stuff.


  1. That was a lot of fun. We nee to do it again sometime. And as far as Grace goes, not a problem! She was very well behaved! I need to send you the pics I got of them on the playground. They were adorable.

    Sam and her butt...all the time showin it to people. lol. And my little brother looks peeved in that pic of him in the car.

  2. We definitely do! I'm glad Gracy and Sami can play together pretty well now.

    I noticed his angry face in that picture when I posted it lol. Apparently he was not in the mood for a picture lol.

  3. On the home page, the sand looked like snow I was about to say there's already snow where you are?! Lol.

    Glad nothing too major happened. And the guy seems like a nice person, someone else would've made a HUGE deal about it even for a little tin scratch. Trust me, it's happened to us :/

  4. Hahaha no, I wish though! We rarely get snow here :( We did have a white Christmas last year though, and then at the ned of January we got about a foot of snow. That is the most snow we have had since 1993 lol.

    That stinks that someone did that to you! I was so thankful that he was nice and didn't want to file it.