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Friday, December 16, 2011

More Christmas activities, and some good news!

We took Grace to a house that goes all out for Christmas every year. They let you walk around their yard, front porch, and garage. Grace LOVED it! Her favorite parts were inside their garage and all the "choo choos" they had everywhere (one of her new favorite things is trains).

We called my mom because she lives near there, and she brought my sister to check it out.

And Brentley woke up, so he got to check it out too. He was the quietest I have ever seen him while he was awake. He was just looking around, taking it all in.

And the good news, my cousin has her baby yesterday! He weighed 7lbs 13oz. We are going to visit them later today :) She was in labor for 16 hours. I just can't imagine! I was only in labor for 10 and a half hours with Grace start to finish, and 12 hours with Brentley start to finish, and I was worn out both times lol.


  1. Cute pics!!! And yay!!! Congrats!! I wish Kaedyn's labor was 16 hrs. Your just good at the birth thing=D

  2. Cute pics. :) It looks like they switched some things up. We were just there about two weeks ago, but the front porch looks a little different.

    Awe. :) That is awesome. Congrats to her!

    Yah, Jessika is right. I was in labor for 29 hours. You are just good.

  3. Jessika, you were in labor for longer than 16 hours too weren't you? I forgot about that.

    Brittany, I remembered your labor with Sami was long, but I didn't remember 29 hours. Holy cow! I'm pretty sure I would have died lol.

    I don't know about me being the good one. You guys are the ones who were in labor forever and survived lol.

  4. Ha Ha. Yep. Exactly 29 hours from start to finish.

    Nah. It wasn't too bad. I just wanted her here and safe though. So it was more impatience than anything. :)

  5. I wish we had a place like that! It looks awesome! I wonder how much their electric bill is though.