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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Got a jump start on one of my resolutions...

I went out to spend some of my Christmas money today. I went with the intention of trying on things I would normally try on, and I have to say, I am very proud of myself because I went out of my shell :)... for the most part lol.

I did stay in my shell a bit because I bought some jeans, but I needed them bad! I only had one pair that fit...
I got these.
(And no that is not me. I wish, but no. My legs are like half as long as hers lol.)

 $45 jeans for $15! That is my kind of sale!

I also got this purple dress from Target.

It was the last one left... originally $35, marked down to $13, and when I got to the register it rang up $7! I was in heaven lol.

I also got a shirt from Hollister. I normally don't shop there because they are crazy expensive, but I had a gift card, so I went for it.
I got this shirt.
It was originally like $50! I cannot imagine paying that for a shirt. I paid $27 for it, and that was still way too high for me! But hey, I had to use the gift card somehow.

And lastly, I bought these.

(except mine are black)

They are $40 boots that were on sale for $15!

All together I spent just under $70.
I still have money left on all the gift cards I used today, and I have two gift cards that I haven't even touched yet. I am on the lookout for some leggings, more dresses and cute tops, at least one more pair of jeans, some cute flats, some pants that are either navy or khaki, and some sweat pants (for the weight training class I am going to be taking this semester). 

I am determined to not be plain jane anymore!


  1. That's awesome girl! It is important to have cute clothes, because it makes you feel good about yourself.

  2. I wish I was brave like you. I got a body central gift card for Christmas. It is one of my favorite stores. I use to go a lot before kids. I can't bring myself to go now. I can't stand trying on clothes. I look in the mirror while trying them on and start tearing up. I can never go through with buying anything because I start to feel horrible about myself. I see my stomach and ugh....I could die right there. I have huge body image problems. I weigh 126.4 as of this morning. I know that that isn't a bad number but I look up at the mirror and am disgusted.

  3. Brittany, it took me forever to realize that, but I am finally at the point where I know I have to take care of myself as well.

    Jessika, you are not alone girl. The Hollister and Aeropostale gift cards I used I had gotten LAST Christmas, and hadn't even touched them. I absolutely hated my body, hated trying on clothes, hated everything about it. But I read this thing where you are supposed to stand in the mirror and find one thing you like about yourself. Focus on that one thing until you can find another thing you like, and just keep going from there. It sounds dumb, but it does help. I'm not anywhere near completely happy with my body, but I am becoming more comfortable with who I am. I weigh 145, and I am at a point where I am comfortable with that. I am back to the point where I want to take care of myself. I went through a very long period of not caring how I dressed, make-up, nails, what my hair looked like, or anything like that. Now I am mad at myself for doing that to myself, and I have realized that getting new clothes that fit my body right have helped my body image issues even more. I have had body image issues since I was 10, and I was anorexic from the time I started high school until I got comfortable in my relationship with Chris. I was never diagnosed because I hid it well, but I know I was. I would maybe eat once a day, and most of the time I didn't even do that. I have been there girl. You can overcome it! You are beautiful. I know you don't see it, but you are!

  4. You can get leggings anywhere.! They're 6.00 at Walmart. They're super comfy too.