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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas is over :(

For us, Christmas is at least a three day affair.

We went to Chris' mom's on Christmas Eve. Chris' step-dad's parents were there also there. The kids got TONS of stuff. Brentley's favorite thing he got was a ball that sings, talks, lights up, and rolls around on it's own. Grace's favorite thing she got was her pink Radio Flyer tricycle. She won't let it out of her site, and she calls it her "bikickle" lol.
Chris' mom gave me $200. I was not expecting that at all!

Christmas day we opened our own presents as a family. I've already talked enough about what the kids got. I got Chris a fish filletting (sp?) set. It had a cutting board, a scaler, two knives, and a glove. I also got him some hand warmers and a That 70's Show dvd. He got me the iPod Touch, a case for it, a charging kit for it, and some screen protectors for it.

(before we touched the presents)

(he was actually helping me open his presents)

(he loves his jumper)

After we opened our presents, we made cinnamon buns. Yum! Later in the day we went to my Aunt's house. I didn't get any pictures there because I didn't get my camera out, but I have one of Grace, who was extremely tired after all the excitement of Christmas.

The day after Christmas (yesterday), my mom and sister came over. Brentley got a nice seat that will supposrt him while he sits up. Grace got a giant foam puzzle with letters and numbers on it. Those were their big presents from my mom. They also got lots of smaller things from my mom too.

After that, we went to eat with my dad, then back to his house for more presents. Grace got a doll house camper that she loves, some clothes, and some other things. Brentley got a Bible, a baby t-ball set, some clothes, and a few other things.

(adorable socks he got from my mom)

(he was trying so hard to roll over)

My dad gave me over $200 in gift cards to several different places (Target, Rue 21, American Eagle, and Hollister). I cannot wait to go shopping! Pretty much all the clothes I have are worn out or no longer fit because they have been through two pregnancies. Plus I started out at 145 lbs, got up to 170 lbs (even bigger during pregnancy), and I am now back down to 145 lbs, which leaves me with few clothes that fit correctly. Now I can finally get some without feeling guilty for spending money on myself because that is the only way these can be spent lol.

Now only 364 days until next Christmas!

I'm going to do a resolution post, maybe later today or maybe tomorrow. Sometime soon.


  1. I love their outfits!!! Looks like they had fun!
    I feel you on the clothes. My clothes have been through 3 pregnancies and just do not fit right at all. Only a few things. Everything just hangs off or is really loose:(
    I love Rue 21 they have such cute clothes and shoes!!!!

  2. Thank-you :) I pride myself on dressing my baby's. Drives Chris nuts because we can't leave the house unless the babies are dressed in cute outfits lol. It kills me that Grace won't wear a bow because her hair always hangs in her eyes, but I refuse to cut it again lol.

    I can't imagine my clothes going through three pregnancies! Lol. The only thing I've ever bought at Rue 21 is some cologne for Chris, but I've definitely browsed there, and I like what I've seen lol.

  3. Oh so do I!!! I mean serious business when I dress and shop for them!! Haha!!!! It's an obssession now!!! I always get comments on how they look. I don't care if I'm running to Walmart...they are getting dressed up!!!

    Rue 21 has some really cute things and a lot of sales!!

  4. Oh me too girl! They only wear character clothes (like Elmo, Disney, etc.) if it's pajama's, their clothes always have to match, and their shoes (or socks in Brentley's case) have to match their outfit lol.
    They also have clothes designated for playing in because I don't want them to get their nice outfits messed up. And they pretty much stay in their diapers at home because I see no sense in messing up perfectly good outfits lol. I'll probably have a heart attack when they start dressing themselves lol.

  5. Gaw. I thought we were busy on Christmas! Looks like the babies racked up! It is still crazy for me to see Grace as such a big girl! And to think she is the same age Samantha was last Christmas.

    I am the same way about Samantha's clothes. Jessie gets irritated when I won't take her to the store without getting her dressed up nice. I don't want people to think I don't dress my kid nice. I already get weird looks for my age.

  6. I am totally OCD about their clothes! I also have play clothes that are set and socks have to match!!! The girls are mostly in diapers at home too. Like you I don't see why I would take the chance of them messing up their clothes. Kaedyn LOVES clothes and always likes to be dressed. So he usually just gets play clothes during the day at home. I also don't do the character thing. I find it tacky most of the time!

    And like you said Brittany. We already get so many looks already at lease they can't comment on how my kids look....well they can but only in a positive way!!

  7. That is the exact same way I think, Brittany. They already assume that we can't take care of our kids. No reason to give them a reason to believe it. My babies always have to be clean to. It drives me nuts when I see dirty kids. I don't even let Grace get done eating before I clean her off. I clean her like five times while she is eating.

    Grace is in the phase right now where she hates clothes. She tries to take them off. Sometimes even when we are out in public, but then sometimes she'll bring us clothes, and want us to put them on her, or try to put them on herself.