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Monday, December 26, 2011

Brentley's four month update.

My baby boy turned 4 months today! Well, technically yesterday because it's after midnight.

He is getting so big on me! He weighs 21lbs, is in size 3 diapers, size 3 shoes, and mostly 6-9 month clothes.
His hair is now a blondish-brown, and he has a good bit of hair. Much more than Grace did at this age. His eyes are a gray-green color. And he still has the cutest dimples ever.
He is still breast-feeding, and has yet to be sick (knock-on wood), which is a huge relief after all the sickness we went through with Grace.
He is a great sleeper compared to Grace. He sleeps for five hours, sort of wakes up, I feed him laying down, and we both fall back asleep, which he will then sleep for another five hours.

He is also a very happy baby. He loves to try to talk, and he gets the biggest smiles I have ever seen on a baby. He is a HUGE flirt! If a girl starts talking to him, he will instantly start smiling. SO cute!
The only time he ever cries is if he's hungry or wet. He does not like being wet lol.

As far as milestones go. He is reaching for things really well now. And he can grab and hold onto what he wants to. He is also about [ ] <----that close to rolling from his back to his tummy. He was trying so hard today, but he just can't get over his shoulder yet. I think he will do it any day now. And he is also almost sitting up on his own, which leads me to the fact that, if this boy is awake, he refuses to lay down. He literally tries to sit himself up. He strains so hard. He can get his head up off the floor, and he will hold it there until you sit him up lol. If I have him leaning on something like pillows to where he is propped up a little bit, he will flop himself forward (luckly I only do that on a bed, so he lands softly lol).

The only other time he will lay down is when he's eating or really sleepy. He's addicted to rocking in the recliner now. If he's tired, we have to rock or he fights sleep like there is no tomorrow, but as soon as we start rocking he has no problem going to sleep.

Things he loves... me singing to him, talking to his daddy, watching his sissy act crazy, and holding onto my hair lol.

I love my handsome little boy so much, and I cannot believe he is already four months old!

I will do a Christmas post tomorrow, and I will have some updated pictures of him in that post. I just didn't want this post to get lost in my Christmas post since it will be plenty long enough on it's own lol. Also, I got my computer back, finally! Thank goodness! I was going nuts without it. I love my iPod, but it is just not as good as a computer.


  1. Sounds like he us getting big. I can't believe he is already 4 months! How is Grace doing? Is she still loving having a brother?

  2. Wow he's getting big!!! I love that he holds his head up till you sit him up. Kaedyn was like that. He just couldn't get past his belly! Haha!!

  3. Brittany, she is doing really well. She loves him so much. She has never been intentionally mean to him. She is a little rough with and around him though. Like last night, she hit him in the head with a ball (it was a soft on, he didn't even cry), but she ran over to him and goes, "Sorry baby. Sorry baby." while she was patting his head.

    Jessika, that's Brentley's problem too. His big belly lol. He's getting there though.

  4. Grace is such a sweet sister. Charleigh needs to take lessons...but Charleigh isn't nice to anyone.haha!!