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Friday, June 8, 2012

Why have I never been here before??

Yesterday, I found out (from a couple of my friends) about a place called "the sprayground" that's pretty close to where we live.  Today, we all met up to let the kids play, and let me just tell you, this place is awesome! There were three pools. One was a foot deep, there was another pool, then there was a huge pool that had slides and everything. We all waded in the one foot deep pool for a little while, then moved to the sprayground part. Grace and Brentley both loved this part. Brentley doesn't like water, so it was awesome to see him having so much fun! I didn't get any pictures of him playing though because I had to stay with him in the water, so I couldn't take my camera. A lot of these pictures were taken by Brittany.

We will definitely be going back here soon! We want to take daddy with us!! 
Chris wants to take me to Riverbend one night. We are thinking about going on Faith and Family night. We'll have to see if we can spare the money though. Plus, we'll have to find someone to watch the kids. 
We are definitely going to go downtown on Riverbend's final night (a week from tomorrow) to let the kids watch the fireworks. We do that every year.


  1. Looks like so much fun! Man I wish I could be up there near y'all. May e I wouldn't be going so crazy here by myself! Lol!

  2. Kit would be awesome of you guys lived up here!

  3. SO MUCH FUN! We will have to go again! (I told Jessie about it, and now he is going to go with us.)

    We need to go out more often!

    Sorry not all the pics were great. But I tried to get pics of all of them though.